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Carlos Bippus Gelatin Silver Photograph of Theresopolis Estado do Rio de Janeiro Carlos Bippus Gelatin Silver photograph of Petropolis & Theresopolis Estado do Rio de Janeiro ASP180/181-13

Gorgeous pair of unmounted gelatin silver prints, each 6 1/4"w x 8 1/2"h (15.9 x 21.6 cm), of Brazil by Carlos Bippus (active in Brazil 1910's -1930's). Theresopolis and Petropolis are small cities nestled amongst the forested hills of the "Serra dos Órgãos" in the Brazilian state of Rio do Janeiro. One photograph depicts a railroad line, and the other a road for automobiles between the two cities. Both are titled and signed (photographer's monogram; "Photo/Bippus/Rio") in the negative. Printed on double weight paper with oval stamp of vendor on verso. First image has a slight "ding" to upper left corner, and second image has a very minor scratch to center right. Else, both these photos are in fine, clean condition with truly beautiful toning. $75.00 each, or $125.00 the pair. SOLD

Guiseppe Incorpora albumen photograph of Monreal-Chiostro ASP182-13

Unmounted albumen photograph, 8"h x 10"w (20.3 x 25.4 cm), of the cloister of the cathedral of Monreale, Sicily by Guiseppe Incorpora (1834-1914). Completed about 1200, the cloister is remarkably well preserved and is, because of its size and beauty, one of the finest cloisters extant in Italy today. Numbered, titled and signed in a title strip at bottom edge of photo. Photo circa 1880. Guiseppe Incorpora founded his studio in Palermo in the 1860's, and for the next 30 years remained one of the most prolific of all Italian photographers, being succeeded in the business by his three sons upon his death. An excellent and detailed monograph of the firm entitled "Gli Incopora 1860-1940" was published in 2000. Title strip faded but legible. Photo in absolutely fine, clean and unmarked condition with rich toning. $100.00

Giovanni Crupi albumen photograph of Duomo-Messina ASP183-13

Unmounted albumen photograph, 6 3/4"h x 8 3/4" w (17.1 x 22.2 cm), of the Duomo of Messina by Giovanni Crupi (1859-1925). Titled, signed ("Crupi") and numbered in a title stip at bottom. Photo circa 1890. Destroyed by the devastating earthquake of 1908, the cathedral was rebuilt beginning in 1919. This photograph also includes the fountain of Orion, who is the mythical founder of Messina. Giovanni Crupi's studio was in Taormina. His views of that town and the coastline are well known, but he also traveled and photographed all over Sicily. He was one of Wilhelm von Gloeden's teachers in both the artisitc and technical aspects of photography, and von Gloeden purchased many of Crupi's negatives upon the latter's retirement. Photo in absolutely fine, clean and unmarked condition. $65.00

Theodore Parker gravestone albumen photograph by O. Galli, Florence ASP195-13

Mounted albumen photograph, 6" h x 4 1/4" w (15.24 x 10.80 cm), of the first gravestone of Theodore Parker in the English Cemetery, Florence. Parker, 1810-1860, was an American Unitarian minister, reformer, abolitionist and Transcendentalist who died from tuberculosis shortly after his arrival in Florence. This is the first grave stone, designed by Joel Tanner Hart, an American expatriate sculptor living and working in Florence. It was later replaced by the one that stands today. Photo circa 1865. Mounted to a period stiff beige paper mount measuring 9 1/4' h x 6" w and blind stamped "O. Galli" in an oval. Photo in fine condition. Mount has minor corner wear and creasing with a small pin hole upper center. A scarce and unusual item. $100.00

Samuel Bourne albumen photograph of The Qutb Minar Delhi ASP185-13

Mounted albumen photograph, 11 1/4"h x 9"w (28.6 x 22.9 cm), of the Qutb Minar in Delhi by Samuel Bourne (1834-1912). This fluted, red sandstone structure is the world's tallest brick minaret and was erected between 1193 and 1368. Samuel Bourne, who began his career as a bank clerk, spent seven years (1863-1870) traveling widely all through the Indian subcontinent, and is justly regarded today as one of the finest landscape and travel photographers of 19th century India. Signed and numbered in the negative; "Bourne/1370". Mounted to a period grey stiff paper mount measuring 17"h x 14"w. Mount is soiled and chipped along edges. Photo is in near fine condition with some very minor scattered soiling and strong, even tones. $395.00

Scowen albumen photograph of Damboolagalla Coolies, Matale ASP186-13

Large mounted albumen photograph, 8 1/4"h x 11"w (21 x 27.9 cm), of a large group of Sri Lankan laborers and three western men by Charles T. Scowen (active 1870's-1880's). Titled and signed by hand in the negative;"Damboolagalla Coolies / Matale / Scowen / 1878". Matale is a town in the hill country of central Sri Lanka famous for its high quality teas. Dimbulagala (current spelling) also known as "Gunners Rock" during the British Colonial era, is a rock formation in the same area that rises from the surrounding landscape. Pierced with caves in which the indigenous people have made their homes, there is also a Bhuddist monastery constructed within the rock formation. This is clearly a "company photo" of a tea plantation that was most likely commissioned by the owner or perhaps the stock holders. Note the baskets lying in the foreground. Scowen's firm was one of the most prolific in Ceylon producing numerous topographical and landscape views for sale to travelers and abroad. That being said, because of the subject of this photo, and the limited interest it would engender in the typical photograph-buying public, this is very probably a scarce image. Mounted to a period grey, stiff paper mount measuring 17"h x 14" w. Mount is lightly soiled and chipped aroungd edges. Save for some mild patches of soiling to the sky area, the photo itself is in near fine condition. Clean and unmarked with strong, even toning. $250.00

View of Luxor albumen photograph by Antonio Beato ASP196-13

Unmounted albumen photograph, 8" h x 10 1/4" w (20.32 x 26 cm), of a view of Luxor, Egypt by Antonio Beato (1832?-1906). Taken from the opposite bank of the Nile river, this "vue generale" shows the Temple of Karnak with the (then small) city clustered around it. By the 1860's Luxor was a major stop for tourists cruising the upper Nile and its ruins. These tourists were ready-made customers for Beato's photographic studio which was located in the city and which thrived for over thirty years. His output was large and much of the quality was questionable towards the end with numerous pirated copies, etc. being offered for sale. This is an earlier photo (circa 1860's) and a particularly beautiful print done when he was obviously in full command of his talents and his business. Note the gorgeous, limpid river mirroring the buildings and the dahabbiyas moored along the bank. Signed "A. Beato" in the negative. In fine, clean condition with excellent toning and contrast. $150.00

Albumen photograph of Suldalsporten, Norway by K. Knudsen ASP197

Mounted albumen photograph, 6 1/2" h x 8 3/4" w (16.51 x 22.22 cm) of the "Suldalsporten" in Norway by Knud Knudsen (1832-1915). One of Norway's first professional photographer's, he left a huge body of work that captured most of Norway's geographic features as well as important historic and ethnographic images. This image is of the well known "gates" to a fjord in Suldal, southern Norway. Numbered, titled and credited in the negative. Mounted to a stiff beige board measuring 8" h x 10" w. Slight warp to mount, else in fine and clean condition with strong toning and contrast. $55.00

Albumen photo of Voltaire's room, San Souci ASP147-13

Mounted albumen photograph, 5 1/4"h x 8 1/2"w (13.3 x 21.6 cm), of Voltaire's Room in the Sanssouci Palace, Potsdam. Built by Frederick the Great of Prussia as a retreat from the formal pomp and ceremony of the Berlin court, it was here where the king entertained many of the leading minds of the day, of which none were more illustrious than Voltaitre. He and the king became friends, and the Voltaire room was frequently occupied by the philosopher during his stay in Potsdam from 1750-1753. Photograph blindstamped "HB/1890" in lower right corner. Whether this number means a date or an inventory number I can't say for sure. Mounted to a period beige, stiff card mount measuring 11"h x 14"w. Slight bow to mount. Discreet, contemporary writing in ink on lower left edge of mount. Photo in fine,clean condition. $50.00

Cabinet card portrait of young woman by Mora, NY Cabinet card portrait of a bride by Mora, NY ASP154-13

Pair of albumen photographs, mounted as cabinet cards, of the same beautiful young woman. The first is a vignetted portrait in a day dress, and the second is her posing in a wedding gown. Studio mark of "Mora, New York". Both images in fine, clean condition. $25.00, the pair. SOLD

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