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This page contains portraits by W(illiam) & D(aniel) Downey, one of the most prestigious photography studios in Victorian London. From 1890-1894 the publisher Cassell & Co. issued a five volume collection of Downey portraits titled; "Cabinet Portrait Gallery". These volumes were comprised of portraits of eminent persons in all fields. Royalty, artists, scientists, authors, etc. The photographs were issued as carbon prints, a time consuming photographic process that, because it contains no silver, is not prone to fading. Each photo was mounted seperately to a page with a simple title and the Downey name and studio address printed below, and bound into a volume. Over the years some of these volumes have inevitably been broken up for loose images. The following portraits are such. Though carefully removed, it's obvious along the left or right borders that they were once bound into a book. The only exception is the portrait of Nicholas Romanov. Though the image is the same size as the others, the page size is slightly larger, and was never bound into a book. (Perhaps it was meant to be sold seperately in the Downey retail venue.) The images are all the same size, 5 1/3"h x 3 1/2"w (13.5 x 9 cm), mounted to a page size 9 1/2"h x 7 1/2"w (24 x 19 cm). To regard these photographs as merely Victorian celebrity portraiture would be doing them a disservice. The artistry of the poses, the lighting, the occupational "props" of some of them, and the peerless quality of the finished images argues against that. As far as condition; all photos are in fine, unmarked condition with superb toning, and are as rich and vibrant as the day they were made. However, experience has shown that the actual pages that were used for mounting this series is prone to foxing. Some more than others, but none particularly egregrious. I kindly suggest that you request a scan of the page before purchasing if this might be of concern to you.
Czarevitch Nicholas of Russia Downey Portrait WWD81 "The Czarevitch". Nicholas Romanov of Russia. 1868-1918. Here he is a handsome young man, several years before he was to ascend the throne in 1894 as Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia. Very scarce. $1,095.00
"Lottie" Dod W. & D. Downey Portrait WWD82 Miss Dod. Charlotte "Lottie" Dod. 1871-1960. Five time Wimbledon ladies singles champion. She remains the youngest champion, having won her first singles title at age 15 in 1887. $225.00 SOLD
Frederick Leighton W. & D. Downey Portrait WWD83 Sir Frederick Leighton. 1830-1896. Noted painter and sculptor, associated with the Pre-Raphaelites. $50.00 SOLD
Mrs. Alexander W. & D. Downey Portrait WWD84 Mrs. Alexander. Cecil Frances Humphreys Alexander. 1818-1895. Poetess and immensely popular writer of hymns. Penned the famous hymn "All Things Bright And Beautiful". $25.00 SOLD
Maharani of Kuch Behar W. & D. Downey Portrait WWD85 The Maharani of Kuch Behar. Sunity Devi. 1864-1932. Arrived in London with her husband the Maharajah in 1887 to pay her respects to Queen Victoria on the occasion of her jubilee. $100.00 SOLD
Mary Lady Jeune W. & D. Downey Portrait WWD86 Lady Juene. Mary Lady Jeune. 1849-1931. Society hostess, friend to Thomas Hardy, Oscar Wilde, etc., and noted for her philanthropy and charitable works. $25.00 SOLD
George Du Maurier W. & D. Downey Portrait WWD87 Mr. George Du Maurier. Born George Louis Palmella Busson du Maurier. 1834-1896. French born British author and cartoonist. Creator of the fictional character "Svengali". $25.00
Duchess of Edinburgh W. & D. Downey Portrait WWD88 Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia. 1853-1920. Daughter of Tsar Alexander II of Russia. Became the Duchess of Edinburgh in 1874 upon marrrying Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, second son of Queen Victoria. $50.00
W. & D. Downey carbon print portrait of Edward, Prince of Wales WWD157 Albert Edward Prince of Wales, 1841-1910. He ascended the British throne upon the death of his mother Queen Victoria and reigned for 9 years as Edward VII. $75.00
W. & D. Downey carbon print portrait of Alexandra, Princess of Wales WWD158 Alexandra Princess of Wales, 1844-1925. Born Alexandra of Denmark, she married Albert Edward Prince of Wales in 1863, and was the mother of George V. $50.00
Mrs. Kendal W. & D. Downey Portrait WWD91 Dame Madge Kendal. 1848-1935. Born Margaret Shafto Robertson. Famous actress and theatrical manager who, along with her husband, brought social respectability to the acting profession by their personal and professional example. $50.00

W. & D. Downey carbon print portrait of suffragette Millicent Fawcett WWD177

"Mrs. Fawcett". Dame Millicent Fawcett. 1847-1929. Author, suffragist and early feminist. Considered instrumental in women (over 30 years old) gaining the vote in 1918. $100.00
W. & D. Downey carbon print portrit of Lord Armstrong WWD159 William Armstrong, 1st Baron Armstrong. 1810-1900. Inventor, industrialist, and early proponent of renewable energy. $25.00
W. & D. Downey portrait of Sarah Bernhardt as the Empress Theodora WWD160 Sarah Bernhardt. 1844-1923. "The Divine Sarah", as she became known, was arguably the most famous actress of the 19th century. Here she poses in character as the Empress Theodora in Sardou's "Theodora". $150.00 SOLD
W. & D. Downey carbon print portrait of Lord Charles  Beresford WWD161 Lord Charles Beresford. 1846-1919. British Admiral of the Mediterranean and Channel Fleets and Member of Parliament. $50.00 SOLD
W. & D. Downey carbon print portrait of Bret Harte WWD162 Bret Harte. 1836-1902. American novelist and poet. Harte spent more than a third of his life in Europe and is buried in England. $50.00
W. & D. Downey portrait of Lillie Langtry WWD163 Lillie (Lily) Langtry. 1853-1929. Renowned British beauty, mistress to the future Edward VII, actress and celebrity. $75.00
WWD164 Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale. 1864-1892. Eldest son of the future Edward VII, and second in line to the British throne, he died in an influenza pandemic shortly after his 28th birthday. $50.00 SOLD
W. & D. Downey carbon print portrait of Anton Rubenstein WWD165

Anton Rubenstein.1829-1894. Russian pianist, composer, conductor and founder of the St. Petersburg Conservatory. He's ranked amongst the great keyboard virtuosos of the 19th century. $75.00

W. & D. Downey carbon print portrait of the Future George V WWD166 Prince George of Wales. 1865-1936. The future King George V, he was born the second son of Edward VII, and ascended the throne upon the death of his father in 1910. $50.00
Artsit Frank Dicksee by W & D Downey WWD200 Francis B. Dicksee. 1853-1928. Artist and illustrator. $25.00
W. & D. Downey carbon print portrait of Oscar Wilde WWD168 Oscar Wilde. 1854-1900. Here he is, every inch the respectable Victorian gentleman, husband and father. This famous image was taken while he was establishing his reputation as one of the most popular playwrights of the London stage, just a few years before his trials and imprisonment for "gross indecency". $600.00
W. & D. Downey carbon print portrait of Arthur, Duke of Connaught. WWD169 Prince Arthur Duke of Connaught. 1850-1942. Born the seventh child and third son of Victoria and Albert, he served for a time as the Governor General of Canada. $50.00
W. & D. Downey carbon print portrait of Professor Huxley. WWD170 Thomas Henry Huxley. 1825-1895. English biologist who earned the sobriquet "Darwin's Bulldog" for his advocacy of Darwin's theory of evolution. $100.00
W. & D. Downey carbon print portrait of the Princesses Victoria and Maude of Wales. WWD171 Princess Victoria, 1868-1935, and Princess Maud, 1869-1938. Daughters of Edward VII and sisters to George V. Victoria never married, while Maude became Queen of Norway. $50.00 SOLD
Artist James D. Linton by W & D Downey WWD92 James Drogmole Linton. 1840-1916. Artist. $25.00
W. & D. Downey carbon print portrait of Princess Christian. WWD173 Princess Helena. 1846-1923. Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein by marriage. Born the third daughter and fifth child of Victoria and Albert. $50.00 SOLD
W. & D. Downey carbon print portrait of Algernon Borthwick. WWD174 Algernon Borthwick. 1830-1908. British journalist and Conservative politician, he was owner of the "Morning Post". $25.00
W. & D. Downey carbon print portrait of American actor Wilson Barrett. WWD175 Wilson Barrett. 1846-1904. British actor, stage manager and playwright. Here he poses as Mercutio in "Romeo and Juliet". $25.00
W. & D. Downey carbon print portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Fife. WWD176 Princess Louise, Princess Royal and Duchess of Fife. 1867-1931. Born the third child and eldest daughter of Edward VII. Here she poses with her husband, Alexander William Duff, the Earl of Fife. $50.00
W. & D. Downey carbon print portrait of Christopher Teesdale WWD178 Christopher Teesdale. 1833-1893. Major-General and recipient of the Victoria Cross during the Crimean War. $25.00
W. & D. Downey carbon print portrait of Ada Rehan WWD179 Ada Rehan. 1859-1916. American actress widely admired in Europe. Here she poses as Rosalind in "As You Like it", one of her signature roles. $50.00

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