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C. S. Graham of Pittsburg Ambrotype CI-27 1/6 plate ambrotype of a young boy. Everything about this photo is charming. The boy's clothes, the way he's sitting on the chair with one foot crossed over his knee, his wistful expression. The lovely grey tones with a touch of pink tinting to his cheeks, and the gorgeous glossy black of the chair. Written in pencil behind the image is; "This is a picture of my Bro. C. S. Graham of Pittsburg". Photo in excellent condition in a bright-as-new mat and a very sound leather covered bookstyle case. In original seals. $195.00
Daguerreotype in Thermoplastic Frame CI-28 Beautiful 1/6 plate daguerreotype of a young woman, set in a thermoplastic frame (Berg 7-43/Geometric) that measures 4 3/4"h x 4 1/4"w. Image in superb, almost as-new condition with amazing clarity, in a frame in equally fine condition. Both image and frame combine into a scarce and very special item. $365.00 SOLD
Two Men Together Ambrotype CI-29 Terrific 1/6 plate ambrotype of two well dressed, similarly bearded young men. The man on the left rests back in his chair with one hand clasping his coat lapel, while the other man, with just the hint of a smile, leans forward very slightly with one hand on his companion's thigh. Clean and sharp image with a touch of pink tinting to the cheeks. Housed in a simple beveled half case. Very nice. $175.00 SOLD
Woman with Spit Curls Daguerreotype CI-30 Great 1/6 plate daguerreotype of a young woman. Look at those razor sharp spit curls on her forehead! Image has lovely depth and toning, with a touch of gilt added at the neck and wrist. A few light surface abrasions and scattered, tiny spider molds. Else, in near fine condition, in a split and somewhat battered case. $65.00 SOLD
Young Girl Cased Tintype CI-31 Lovely, delicately tinted 1/6 plate tintype of a very poised little girl wearing a plaid dress, headband, and several strands of beads with a locket dangling from them. She's looking forthrightly into the camera as she sits with her hands crossed in her lap. Image in as-new condition in a lightly damaged case. $50.00 SOLD
Family Portrait Ambrotype CI-32 Great 1/6 plate ruby glass ambrotype of a family portrait. The mother and father pose outside (in front of their home?) with their five young children gathered around them. All family members are wearing their "best" for the occasion. Very likely taken by an itinerant photographer. Near fine condition with all figures in sharp focus. Housed in a half case. $125.00 SOLD
Cone, Artist Daguerreotype CI-33 Beautiful 1/4 plate daguerreotype portrait of an elderly couple. She holds her spectacles in her hand. With a tiny paper sticker attached to mat, partly torn, that reads; "Cone, Artist". Most Likely D. D. Cone, listed as a daguerreian in Fisherville, NH in 1849, 1850. Some light, scattered foxing to plate that doesn't affect the sitters. Else, in excellent condition. Housed in a half case. Scarce. $250.00
Portrait of Gentleman Cased Tintype CI-34 1/6 plate tintype portrait of a a stern looking gentleman. Actual image slightly darker than scan, but in fine, unmarked condtion with remarkable clarity. Housed in a generally worn split case. $45.00 SOLD
A. Gordon Daguerreotype CI-35 1/6 plate daguerreotype of a handsome boy wearing an interesting jacket. By A. Gordon, as stamped on mat. Very little conclusive information is available about this photographer. Some loss of toning to plate with a stain to lower right corner. Housed in a worn and split case. $60.00
Tinted Ambrotype of Young Woman CI-36 Tinted 1/6 plate ruby glass ambrotype of a young woman. It appears to be a summer portrait by her dress and the large black straw hat that she holds in one hand. Lovely tinting to dress, table cloth, and her various pieces of jewelry. Haloing to perimeter of image. Housed in a full case with loose hinge. $48.00 SOLD
Ambrotype of H. Hawkins, Wash., DC CI-37 1/9 plate ambrotype of a woman. Identified as "H. Hawkins, Washington City (sic) D.C.", written in pencil behind image. Some scattered spotting. Else, very good in a worn half case. $25.00
Ambrotype of Edwin Bates CI-38 1/9 plate ambrotype of an identified dark-eyed young man. Written in pencil on verso of backing plate is; "Edwin Bates (Cousin) Residence unknown". Image in fine condition. In mat and preserver, no case. $25.00
Ambrotype of brother & sister CI-39 Very endearing 1/6 plate ambrotype of a young brother and sister posing stiffly for the photographer. They're sitting almost identically with hands in lap (she's holding a flower), their mouths set the same, and both looking intently at the camera. They might even be twins, so alike do they look. There's a ring of silvering to the perimeter of the image. Else, it's clean and unmarked in a slightly worn half case. $55.00 SOLD
Young woman daguerreotype CI-40 1/6 plate daguerreotype of a dark eyed young woman posing primly with her hands in her lap. The photographer has added one small touch of gilt tinting to the brooch in her collar. Image in beautiful condition, save for one tiny spot of corrosion in the plate to the sitter's left cheek. Housed in a slightly worn half case. $60.00 SOLD

Ambrotype in Union Case

Ambrotype in Union Case CI-41

These two 1/6 plate ambrotypes were in the same family for many years. Though I still hesitate to say that both sitters are related without definite proof, they certainly look as if they could be sisters or cousins. Stylistically, it seems almost certain that they were done at the same time and in the same studio. Both are housed in Union cases. The top one is in a Berg 3-113/Geometric, and the bottom one in a Berg 3-161/Geometric. There is "haloing" to both images resulting in some loss of detail in the sitters arms, and the case housing the bottom image is cracked. Besides this, they are in exceptional condition. All hinges, mats, preservers, velvet pads, and even the case manufacturer's paper labels behind the images are like new. $225.00, the pair.
Ambrotype of brother & sister CI-42 Charming 1/6 plate ambrotype of a young brother and sister standing on chairs and holding hands. Notice how they're both wearing the same belt, and are each posing with a hand hooked into it. Lovely, clean condition. Housed in a split case. $95.00
1/9 plate daguerreotype of young man CI-43 Very nice 1/9 plate daguerreotype of a handsome, dark haired young man with a pleasant countenance. Tarnish "halo" around edge of mat with a few scattered spider molds. Else, clear with fine contrast. Housed in a worn, split case. $ 55.00 SOLD
1/9 plate ambrotype of young woman CI-44 1/9 plate violet glass ambrotype of a rather haughty young woman wearing a beautiful and elaborately tailored outfit. Note the long chain around her neck that has a pen attached to it, as well as a watch, tucked into a waist pocket. In clean, fine condition. Housed in a rubbed case. $35.00
1/6 plate ruby ambrotype of ascetic man CI-45 1/6 plate ruby ambrotype of a very ascetic looking man holding his spectacles in his hand as he poses stiffly for the camera. Lovely tinting to the table cloth. In fine condition with excellent depth and clarity. Housed in a half case. $45.00
Welling, 226 Bleecker, Daguerreotype CI-46 1/6 plate daguerreotype portrait of a man stamped on the mat "Welling, 226 Bleecker". With his clear, bright eyes he poses with a forthright gaze into the photographer's camera, looking as if he could very easily break out into a smile. But what's truly special about this piece is it's condition. It is virtually as-new, with a lovely soft grey-brown toning, and barely a mark to the surface. The scan hardly does it justice. In addition, there's a hint of tinting to his face. The Rinhart's "The American Daguerreotype" lists Peter Welling as being active at 226 Bleecker Street, New York, from 1850-1859. Housed in a half case. $95.00 SOLD

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