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CDV by Patton & Lee, Reading, PA CDV186-1 Terrific studio CDV portrait of a boy. Note how straight he stands and how directly he looks into the camera, with his hair neatly combed, one forearm resting on the chair back, and one hand holding onto a bowler hat. Note also the pleats and detailing in his outfit. There is a slight tint of pink to his cheeks and a gorgeous touch of acquamarine blue to his bowtie. Backmark of "Patton & Lee, Reading, PA". $23.00
Johann Bender CDV of young couple CDV235-1 Vignetted studio CDV of a young couple. I believe that this is either a betrothal or wedding photo. I love the stiff formality of the young man and woman and in particular, that table with the potted plants, some of which are cascading. Studio mark of "Johann F. Bender, Towanda, PA". Light soiling to periphery of image. $25.00
Washington's family cartes de visite CDV3-1 CDV of an illustration of George Washington and his family. No backmark. Below image is printed "Washington and Family". Classic Civil-War-Era "patriotic" theme for cartes de visite albums. Image in very good condition. $25.00
Tinted CDV by Doremus', Paterson, NJ CDV188-1 Very finely done fully tinted vignetted studio portrait CDV of a man. Backmark of "Doremus' Gallery of Art, Paterson, NJ". Touch of scattered soiling, else in fine condition. $20.00
Prescott & White CDV CDV5-1 Beautifully done vignetted portrait CDV of a very clear-eyed boy. Backmark of "Prescott & White, Hartford, Conn." The more that I see of this studio's work, the more I realize that they are "a cut above" the average work done by like studios all across America. In superb, as-new condition. $18.00
Mrs. Tom Thumb cartes de visite CDV6-1 CDV of the American dwarf Mrs. Tom Thumb ( Lavinia Warren) posed in a studio wearing an elegant gown, and standing next to a plant stand for "height comparison". Diffficult to say with certainty, but likely taken in 1863 as a pre-wedding publicity photo. No back mark, so possibly a pirated copy. Still, a great period image of a very famous (and diminutive) 19th century celebrity. In very good condition with some light wear to upper right corner. $55.00 SOLD
CDV406-1 "Staged" studio cdv of two men sitting at a small table playing dominoes and smoking cigars. Backmark of "J. A. Williams, Newport, RI". Some browning to mount, both recto and verso. Image clean with good contrast. Scarce backmark. $25.00 SOLD
carte de visite from Fotografia 23 Calle del Cerro, Montevideo CDV350-1 Vignetted studio portrait of a man. With the very scarce backmark of "Fotografia, 23 Calle del Cerro, Montevideo". In fine, clean condition. $25.00
carte de visite from Jose Martinoli, Montevideo CDV351-1 Vignetted studio portrait of a man. With the very scarce backmark of "Fotófrafia de José Martinoli, Montevideo". Some slight loss to toning, else fine. $23.00
carte de visite of two sisters, Fotografia Calle del Cerro, Montevideo CDV352-1 Charming studio portrait of two young girls dressed almost identically, and holding hands. With the very scarce backmark of "Fotografia, Calle del Cerro, Montevideo". Some slight loss to toning and touch of soiling to mount. Else, near fine. $25.00 SOLD
carte de visite from Maurel Fotografo, Montevideo CDV353-1 Studio portrait of a nanny or maid, and her young charge. With the very scarce backmark of "Maurel Fotógrafo, Montevideo". Some light soiling to mount. Else, near fine. $ 28.00
carte de visite from Alfred Vigouroux studio, Montevideo CDV354-1 Studio portrait of a man posing with a half column. Scarce backmark of "Alfred Vigouroux, Montevideo". Light, scattered soiling. Else, fine. $23.00
carte de visite from Alfred Vigouroux studio, Montevideo CDV355-1

Studio portrait of a mother and son. Scarce backmark of "Alfred Vigouroux, Montevideo". Some scattered soiling to image and mount. Else, near fine. $ 22.00

W. Keith, Liverpool carte de visite CDV405-1 Studio cdv portrait of a young man. Studio marks of "W. Keith, Liverpool". Fine condition with strong contrast. $18.00
carte de visite from Cassarino studio, Montevideo CDV356-1 Studio portrait of a mother and her child. Very scarce backmark of "Fotografia Francesa Cassarino, Montevideo". Some loss of depth, particularly to child's face. Else, near fine. $25.00
carte de visite form Desiderio Jouant y Hermano studio, Montevideo CDV357-1 Striking studio portrait of a mother and her son. Note her "stance" and her bold gaze into the camera. Very scarce backmark of "Desiderio Jouant y Hno (Hermano), Montevideo". Clean with good, strong toning. $26.00
carte de visite portrait of a man from Edwards & Hines, Smyrna, DE CDV358-1 Studio three quarter portrait of an elderly man. There's a great amount of character in this excellently done image. Backmark of "Edwards & Hines, Smyrna, DE". In absolutely fine, clean condition. $20.00
Miss Larpenteur cartes de visiteverso cdv 13 CDV13-1 CDV of an elegantly dressed young woman on a gilt ruled card. Backmark of "Whitney's Gallery, St. Paul, MN". Affixed to verso is a pen cancelled green three-cent "proprietary" tax revenue stamp. In addition, written in pencil on verso is; "Miss Larpenteur-the first child born in St. Paul-May 1866 / 18 yrs old". Larpenteur is an old family name in St. Paul with streets, buildings, etc. named after them. Image in beautiful condition. $45.00
CDV by S.S.Johnston, Polo, IL CDV191-1 Very endearing studio CDV portrait of a young brother and sister wearing outfits of matching fabric. Backmark of "S. S. Johnston, Polo, IL". In fine, clean condition. $18.00
Hand tinted cdv portrait from Kindler, Newport, RI CDV408-1 Lightly tinted vignetted studio cdv portrait of a young man. Backmark of "R. Kindler, Newport, RI". Some light soiling and edge wear. Very scarce backmark. $18.00
Young girl CDV CDV20-1 Very endearing studio CDV of a dark-eyed girl in a velvet dress sitting amongst some "boulders", with a few roses held in one hand, and a basket of flowers at her feet. Backmark of "Warren, Lowell, MA". In fine condition. $18.00
Rufus Choate CDV by Silsbee, Case CDV21-1 CDV portrait of Rufus Choate (1799-1859) lawyer and orator, and US Senator from Massachusetts 1841-1845. Backmark of "Silsbee, Case & Co., Boston". Near fine condition. $25.00
CDV by John Bull, Weymouth British CDV of man sitting at a desk CDV264-1 A nice pair of British studio portrait CDV's. One shows a young man at a desk, the other shows a middle aged man at a desk with some sort of open ledger book and pen-in-hand. Perhaps a portrait of a book-keeper? CDV on the left has backmark of "John Bull, Weymouth". CDV on the right has no backmark. Both in fine, clean condition. $25.00, the pair.
CDV by Norton & Johnson, Kewanee, IL CDV196-1 This is a beautifully executed and very special CDV of three children. I assume that the girl and two boys are siblings, but there's no way to know for sure. The girl sits slightly elevated at center looking directly into the camera. The two boys are positioned lower down on either side of her, both of them gazing upward at some unseen point above each other's head. The photographer has vignetted the image into a lovely horizontal oval and applied it vertically to the mount. Backmark of "Norton & Johnson, Kewanee, IL". Here we have an excellent example of a small town photographer, working in relative obscurity, producing an image of childhood as skillfully and artfully as this. In fine condition. $75.00
CDV from Union Gallery, Beloit, WI CDV263-1 Endearing studio CDV portrait of a young family. Backmark of "Union Gallery, Beloit, WI". Some light wear and soiling to mount, both recto and verso. Else in clean, near fine condition. Scarce backmark. $20.00

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