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carte de visite by J. M. Horning & Co., Traveling Artists CDV359-2 Beautiful portrait of a young girl with ringlets and rose tinted cheeks. Backmark of "J. M. Horning & Co., Traveling Artists". It's very likely that this is a temporary studio set up by a member of this company. Note the very basic and hastily pinned upholstery of the posing chair. In absolutely fine condition. $22.00
Civil War CDV by Anthony Clyde CDV195-2 Very nice studio CDV of a Civil War soldier posing in his civilian clothes and his kepi with a young woman. It's been suggested that the woman is his wife. It's probable of course, but I tend to think that it's his daughter, as there is a strong resemblance between them, and an obvious gap in their ages. Perhaps he was home on leave, and they took the opportunity to have a photo made together. No backmark, but affixed to the verso is an orange two-cent internal revenue stamp hand cancelled by the photographer in black pen; "Anthony Clyde". Slight warp to mount, else in near fine condition. $50.00 SOLD
CDV of school faulty (?) CDV272-2 CDV group portrait of fifteen men and women in an interior. Of course I can't be sure, but I would guess that this is the faculty of a school or college. I love the man standing at the far left whos head is relected in the mirror. No backmark. Some slight loss of toning. Else clean and unmarked. $18.00
CDV318 CDV318-2 Studio portrait CDV of a young girl in dress and pantalettes standing on an upholstered chair. Studio and backmark of "Walter S. Davey, Gloucester (UK)". Near fine. $18.00
CDV by S.S.Johnston, Polo, IL CDV194-2 Studio CDV portrait of four siblings. I like this image of two brothers and two sisters posing rather stiffly for the photographer, with it's endearing sense of "family". Backmark of "S. S. Johnston, Polo, IL". In fine, clean condition. $20.00
Tinted CDV by Bogardus, NY CDV197-2 Superb tinted studio CDV of a very endearing, very fancifully dressed young boy. The coloring on this image is masterful. There's the delicate rendering of his face with two shades of blue for his eyes, the red lips, the blush of pink on his cheeks and the golden brown on his hair. His collar, shirt and socks are all tinted white, and his bow tie is rendered in multi-colored stripes of incredible detail. Obviously, the child of a wealthy patron, who would expect nothing less than the best from a studio of this stature. Backmark of "Bogardus, New York". One small patch of soiling to upper right margin. Else, as new. $40.00
carte de visite of the Palazzo Pitti by Sommer CDV340-2 CDV of the Palzzo Pitti, Florence. Numbered and titled in the negative. Backmark of "Giorgio Sommer, Naples". In fine, clean condition. $20.00
CDV of Basel cathedral by Varady et Cie. CDV341-2 CDV of the cathedral of Basel (Bâle), Switzerland. Backmark of "Varady et Cie., Bâle". Contemporary ink writing to verso. Else, in as-new condition. $20.00
Carte de visite of Quimper cathedral by Emile Mage CDV342-2 CDV of Quimper cathedral, France. Backmark of "Emile Mage, Brest". In fine, clean condition. $20.00
Caleb S. Pratt Cartes de Visite cdv-35versoCDV35-2 Oval studio portrait CDV of Caleb S. Pratt. Backmark of "Black, Boston, MA". Written in pencil on verso is; "Lieut. Caleb S. Pratt, killed in the battle of Wilson's Creek, MO., August 10, 1861". Pratt, a Bostonian, migrated to Kansas and in 1861 was mustered into Co. D of the 1st Kansas Infantry as 2nd lieutenant. He was one of 1,200 Union men who died on "Bloody Hill" at the battle of Wilson's Creek. He was twenty-nine years old. Pratt County Kansas is his namesake. From the studio of famed Boston photographer James Black. Very desirable. $195.00 SOLD
CDV of young girl by F. L. Lay, Boston CDV47-2 CDV of a poised young girl sitting demurely with her feet crossed in their high button shoes. Backmark of F. L. Lay's, Boston. In fine, clean condition. $20.00 SOLD
CDV319A CDV319BCDV319-2 Very nice pair of English studio CDV portraits of two prosperous looking couples. Studio and backmark of first image is "Vandyke & Brown, Liverpool". Backmark of second image is "Mrs. Robinson, Photographer, Ashton Under Lyne". Both in fine, clean condition with strong toning. $25.00
Man with dog cdv by Hoile of Stonehouse CDV38-2 Charming full length portrait CDV of a man posing in a photographer's studio with his dog. While the man seems very stiff, his dog (a springer spaniel) is completely relaxed! Backmark of "E. Hoile, Stonehouse (Gloucestershire)". Some loss of toning with a touch of wear to mount edges. Else, near fine condition with a particularly decorative backmark. $32.00
CDV of girl triplets CDV198-2 Very scarce and desirable CDV of girl triplets. All three are dressed identically (of course!) with checked skirt, jacket, beaded necklace and headband with white bow. I'm not quite sure what they're holding. The girls on the right and left appear to be holding boxes of some sort, and the one in the center looks as if she's holding a portrait, possibly in a passepartout frame. Note how they're perched on the edge of the chairs. No backmark. There is some loss of toning to the image, but still it's in fine, clean condition. $50.00
CDV by Lamson, Portland, ME CDV199-2 Beautiful studio portrait CDV of a very wide-eyed and winsome looking boy. His gaze and pose are remarkable. With an elaborately decorative gilt backmark of "J. H. Lamson, Portland, ME". In fine condition. $24.00
CDV of Prince Albert by Mayall, Brighton CDV 46-2 Famous CDV portrait of Albert, the Prince Consort (1819-1861) taken shortly before his death. Backmark of "(John Jabez Edwin) Mayall, London & Brighton". In very fine, clean condition with just some scattered markings to image surface which, I believe, are in the negative. Though not that uncommon, the condition of this particular copy is exemplary. $32.00
Reverend Kirk Cartes de Visite CDV42-2 CDV studio portrait of the Reverend Edward Norris Kirk (1802-1874), noted 19th century missionary, writer, evangelist and passionate orator, who, for almost thirty years, was pastor of the Mount Vernon church on Beacon Hill, Boston. No backmark. Written in pencil on verso is; "Rev. E. N. Kirk". Image in excellent condition. $25.00 SOLD
CDV320 CDV320-2 Studio portrait CDV of a man. This is a simple, yet wonderful image of a bearded, youngish man with a terrific "wave" in his hair, holding a glazed straw hat in his lap. He's perfectly positioned and lighted, with his back against the table and surrounded by all that beautiful bare space, full of different tones. Studio and backmark of "The London School of Photography, 23 Poultry, E.C." In fine, clean condition. $18.00 SOLD
Tinted CDV by Orcutt's, Cambridge, IL CDV200-2 Wonderful tinted studio portrait CDV of a very serious little girl. There's something a trifle odd, but still very compelling, about this image. I think it's the almost doll-like appearance of the subject, what with her stiff pose, and the rather crudely applied patches of red tint to her cheeks, and the wash of yellow over her hair. But what a great outfit she's wearing, with it's voluminous skirt and ermine-trimmed coat. Very scarce backmark of "Orcutt's, Cambridge (IL)". Mount lightly soiled with corners trimmed. Else, in fine condition. $40.00
CDV of the Rathaus, Goslar by Adolphe Braun CDV378-2 CDV of the main steps to the Rathaus in Goslar, Germany. I love the various standing figures and the striped sentry box. The building looks virtually the same today. Numbered on verso 2762 and titled "Goslar im Harz. Die Rathaustreppe". Backmark of "Ad(olphe) Braun, Dornach". In fine, clean condition. Very special. $28.00 SOLD
View of Goslar by Adolphe Braun CDV379-2 View of Goslar, Germany with the spires of the Klosterkirche and surrounding hills. Backmark of "Ad(olphe) Braun, Dornach". In fine, clean condition. $25.00 SOLD
CDV of the Klosterkirche, Goslar by Adolphe Braun CDV380-2 CDV of the Klosterkirche, Goslar, Germany. Numbered on verso 2775 and titled "Goslar im Harz. Die Klosterkirche." Backmark of "Ad(olphe) Braun, Dornach". In fine, clean condition. $25.00 SOLD
CDV view of Goslar, Germany by Adolph Braun CDV381-2 View of Goslar, Germany. Note how clearly you can see the gardens belonging to the homes in the foreground of this photograph. And note also the walls here and there. Perhaps these are the remnants of the medieval wall that surrounded the city. Numbered on verso 2766 and titled " Goslar im Harz. Ansicht vom Zwinger aus". Backmark of "Ad(olphe) Braun, Dornach". Touch of soiling to mount. Else, fine condition. $25.00 SOLD
CDV of the Marktkirche, Goslar by Adolph Braun CDV382-2 CDV of the market church in Goslar, Germany. Numbered on verso 2761 and titled "Goslar im Harz. Die Markt-Kirche". Backmark of "Ad(olphe) Braun, Dornach". In fine, clean condition. $25.00 SOLD
Irrenanstalt, Germany CDV CDV383-2 Written on the verso of this CDV in pencil in a contemporary hand is the word "Irrenanstalt", which translates as lunatic asylum. Built in the 1860's in the "new Gothic" architectural style it served as a hospital for the insane from the city of Göttingen and the surrounding areas of Lower Saxony. The building, now in private hands, still stands today as the Asklepios Fachklinikum Göttingen. In fine, clean condition with strong toning. Very rare. $45.00 SOLD

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