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Th. Prumm Studio, Berlin CDV385-3 CDV studio portrait of a man. Front and backmark of "Theodor Prümm, Berlin". Mount corners slightly trimmed. Else, in fine and clean condition. Uncommon backmark. $20.00
CDV of young woman by Skinner, NY CDV232-3 Studio CDV pose of a lovely and confident looking young woman gazing directly into the camera. Note the incredibly elaborate tailoring of her dress. In particular, the cords that are draped across her bosom and attached at the shoulders with a button. Backmark of "Skinner, Fulton, NY". In fine, clean condition. $16.00
Anna Dickinson carte de visite CDV386-3 Studio portrait CDV of Anna Dickinson, 1842-1932. From a young age she was known as a gifted orator, as well as being an advocate for the abolition of slavery and an early champion of women's suffrage. She lived a long and very varied life. No backmark. Mount corners slightly trimmed with some slight discoloration to image due to mounting glue. $35.00
CDV by J.R.Davis, Dallas, TX CDV201-3 Great studio portrait CDV of a boy standing on a chair. What a cute boy and what an interesting outfit! I don't know why he's wearing a skirt, or is perhaps some sort of kilt? And I wonder if there's some meaning to the chevron-like design with it's buttons. Backmark of "J. R. Davis, Dallas, TX". In fine, clean condition. $25.00
CDV view of falls and foot bridge CDV273-3 Interesting outdoor CDV of people enjoying a waterfall. There's a footbridge on which they're strolling, and here and there can be seen other people on various boulders. I don't know which falls these are, but perhaps someone else might recognize them. No backmark. Slight soiling to mount and some loss of toning. $20.00
Tinted CDV portrait of girl Tinted CDV portrait of girl CDV202-3

A lovely and scarce pair of vignetted and tinted CDV portraits of the same girl. The first image is a 3/4 view, and the second image is a profile. There's red tinting to her cheeks and just a touch to her lips, with yellow applied to her hair. The clarity in the photos is excellent, particularly the profile, where her ear and her hair are in sharp detail. No backmarks. Affixed to the verso of the first image is a pen-cancelled green three cent "telegraph" tax stamp. There is the smallest remnant of one affixed to the verso of the second image. Some light wear and soiling, to mounts especially, but still in very good condition. $35.00

CDV321 CDV321-3 Charming full length studio portrait CDV of a boy. His face, bow tie, and the flower that he holds in his left hand, have all been delicately tinted. Studio and backmark of "Rudolph Haigh, Hokitika (New Zealand)". In clean, near fine condition with a scarce backmark. $25.00
Elliott & Fry cdv Elizabeth Thompson, Lady Butler CDV387-3 Studio portrait CDV of Elizabeth Thompson, Lady Butler, 1846-1933. She gained fame at a young age as an artist who specialized in history paintings, particularly battle scenes, a genre that was traditionally dominated by men. Her most famous painting, "The Roll Call", was purchased by Queen Victoria. Studio mark of "W. & D. Downey, London". Small closed tear to bottom edge of mount with scattered ink (?) drops staining image. Although I usually don't offer items with these condition issues; this is such a compelling subject and biography, that it overrides my objections. Priced accordingly. $18.00. SOLD

Businessman W. H. Hunstone cdv by James Mudd, Manchester CDV404-3

Studio CDV portrait of businessman W. H. Hunstone who worked with the firm of Jos. Robinson & Co., Salford (Manchester). Studio mark of "James Mudd, Manchester". Mount corners slightly trimmed. Else, fine. $22.00
CDV by Bogardus, NY CDV 205-3 Studio CDV portrait of a beautifully dressed and coiffed little girl. Backmark of "Bogardus, New York". In absolutely fine condition. $18.00
Young boy in velvet suit Cartes de Visite CDV61-3 Charming studio CDV of a boy in a fancy velvet suit and patent leather high button shoes. One hand is hooked onto his belt, while the other rests on his straw hat. Front and backmark of "W. L. Germon, Philadelphia". Touch of wear to bottom edge, else clean and sharp. $18.00
Profile cdv of young man in top hat CDV62-3 Vignetted profile portrait CDV of a young man in a top hat. This is an excellently done photograph. Note the detail in the man's luxuriant hair, and how it gleams with oil. Note also the sheen on his perfectly placed silk top hat from the overhead light. Backmark of "Gilmore's, Binghamton, NY". Touch of soiling else, near fine, clean condition. $23.00 SOLD
Portrait Cartes de Visite CDV63-3 Unusual vignetted CDV photo of an earlier folk-style portrait of an elderly woman. Backmark of "C. H. Williamson, Brooklyn". Touch of soiling to image, else in very good condition. $23.00
R.S. DeLamater CDV cdv-64verso CDV64-3 Studio portrait CDV of a very young man in a suit. With a beautifully lettered verso and backmark of "R. S. DeLamater, Hartford, CT". In fine, clean condition. $18.00
CDV trade card from Shaffer's in Philadelphia of a hidden oicture puzzle CDV416-3 Illustrated trade card in the form of a CDV. Titled "Rabbit Hunt", this is an early version of a hidden picture puzzle. From Shaffer's toy and puzzle shop in Philadelphia, circa 1864. This puzzle was also available in a larger format colored woodcut on paper. Fine, clean condition. Scarce. $22.00
Elderly Woman Cartes-de-Visite CDV66-3 Vignetted CDV copy of a daguerreotype portrait of an elderly woman. Backmark of "Dansyckel's, Philadelphia, PA". Excellent condition. $20.00
CDV by Alfred Freeman, Dallas, TX cdv 203 versoCDV203-3 Studio CDV portrait of a girl. Not only is this a great vignetted portrait of a lovely, elfin-like girl, but there's a terrific and scarce backmark, also. Alfred Freeman of Dallas, TX was not only a Photo Artist, but he was a dealer in fine organs as well. (Verso upside down in relation to recto). Touch of rubbing to verso, else in fine condition. $40. SOLD
Little girl in a basket CDV from Notman CDV11-3 Absolutely charming studio CDV of a very cute, dark eyed little girl sitting in a basket with her doll. One of her hands grips the rim of the basket, while the other one rests on her doll's face! From the "Notman Photographic Co., Albany, NY". Some scattered, very small darks stains to mount and image, else clean and bright. Very special. $20.00
Amos Bronson Alcott cartes-de-visite CDV69-3

Terrific CDV of the "Bavaria" statue and the Rumeshalle (Hall of Fame) in Munich. Both erected in the middle of the 19th century on the edge of the Theresienwiese, where the annual Oktoberfest is held. No backmark. In fine condition. $25.00

Vignetted Woman Cartes de Visite CDV70-3 Very interesting, vignetted CDV portrait of a curly-haired young woman with a cross at her throat. The sitter has a very "Pre-Raphaelite" look about her. Backmark of "E. H. Clark, Great Barrington, MA". In as-new condition. $23.00
CDV with unusual reverse CDV71 versoCDV71-3 Studio CDV portrait of a man with alot of character. But what makes this particular example collectible is it's unusual patterned verso with no backmark. Used perhaps by an itinerant photographer? With a pen cancelled blue, two-cent proprietary tax stamp affixed to verso. In near fine condition. $18.00
CDV by Johnston, Polo, IL CDV10-3 Studio CDV of a very cute little tousled-haired boy, trying his hardest to hold still for the camera. Note his decorative shirt. Backmark of "S. S. Johnston, Polo, IL". Mild scrape to surface of image, else fine. $18.00
S. G. Sheaffer, Hanover, PA CDV CDV 265 verso CDV265-3 Studio CDV of an elderly couple. But the real interest of this item is the terrific backmark with its plethora of information. Studio of "S. G. Sheaffer, Hanover, PA". In near fine condition. $18.00
CDV allegory of Spring or the Harvest CDV204-3 A particularly fine and artistic studio CDV portrait of a girl dressed as an allegory of "Summer" or "The Harvest". She stands in her bare feet, wearing a short white dress and pantalettes. Over this she wears an apron of dark material with velvet straps and detailing. On her head is a bonnet, tied under her chin with a long gingham bow, which is then draped over her shoulder. In her left hand she holds several shafts of wheat tied together, while her right hand delicately holds up an edge of her apron, which is cradling more shafts of wheat. The finished image has been vignetted. No backmark. We'll probably never know who the photographer was of this wonderful image, but we do know that he or she had a true artist's eye. There's some light damage to the mount and extreme top edge of image, where is was obviously pinned to something. Else, in fine condition. Truly special, and undeniably American. $75.00
Young woman CDV CDV75-3 Fine oval CDV portrait of an attractive young woman in a very chic winter outfit. Note how expertly the photographer has employed lighting on his subject's face. Backmark of "Prescott & White, Hartford, Conn." In as-new condition. $18.00

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