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Baron Macaulay cdv CDV101-5 Studio CDV portrait of Thomas Babington Macaulay (1800-1859), the 1st Baron Macaulay. British poet, historian and Member of Parliament. Though contemporary, I believe that this is a pirated copy as the backmark reads; "Charles Taber & Co., New Bedford, MA". Near fine condition. $25.00
Reverend William F. Adams cdv CDV102-5 The Reverend William F. Adams. In 1875 he was elected the first bishop of the newly created Missionary Jurisdiction of New Mexico and Arizona, and was consecrated in his parish church of St. Pauls, New Orleans. Due to ill health, partly as the result of an arduous tour through his new district, his tenure as bishop was brief. Backmark of "Washburn, New Orleans". Some very light soiling to surface, else fine. $23.00
J. Davis Photo cdv CDV103-5 Very nicely vignetted CDV portrait of a lovely young woman. There is no backmark, but an unusual oval blind stamp to recto of image that reads; "J. Davis / Photo". The slightly larger size of this CDV, and the glossy stock and weight of the mount indicate it's not of American origin. John Hannavy's "Encyclopedia of 19th Century Photography" lists a John Davis (?-1893) of Apia, Samoa who, as early as the 1870's was producing CDV studies while holding his job as postmaster in Apia. It's possible that this particular image is from his studio, and thus quite rare. Some very mild foxing to image surface. $25.00 SOLD
Chester House, Chestertown, NY CDV CDV226-5 Very rare CDV of the Chester House in Chestertown (Warren County), New York. By the turn of the twentieth century the Chester House had become a grand Adirondack hotel. Here it is in an earlier, more modest incarnation in the decade after the Civil War. Perhaps those are the proprietors posing on the porch on a sunny winter's day. No backmark. Some fading to tones, but otherwise in fine, clean condition. $95.00
Tinted cdv of a man CDV105-5 Here's an interesting CDV. The subject has been rendered almost clown-like with the coarseness of the tinting. Two balls of pale red on his cheeks and a smear on his lips, with a green tint used on his beard, tie, watch chain and right shoulder, as if to simulate an epaulet. It's hard to imagine that the subject would have left the photographer's studio satisfied! No backmark. In fine condition. $20.00
William J. Hough, Photographer Martinez, CA cdv CDV106-5 Studio CDV portrait of a woman. With the very scarce backmark of "W. J. Hough, Martinez (CA)". Touch of soiling to surface, else very nice. $20.00
CDV324 CDV324-5 Superb vignetted portrait of an elegant young woman in a very stylish hat. Written on verso in pen in a period hand is; "J. S. C. / April/ / 1874". Studio and backmark of "(Michéle) Schemboche, Florence". In clean, as-new condition with a scarce backmark. $22.00
John Esmay Sabula, Iowa cdv CDV 108-5 Studio full length portrait CDV of a statuesque young woman in a beautiful black dress. Notice the great Gothic revival chair used as a prop for her to lean on. Backmark of "John Esmay, Sabula, Iowa". Some soiling to recto and verso. $18.00
CDV325 CDV325-5 Studio cdv portrait of three siblings. The older boy stands, with cap in hand, gazing downward. The younger boy stands with his hand on his sister's shoulder gazing away from the camera with a very wistful look on his face. And the girl sits with her ankles primly crossed, an open book resting on her lap, and gazing directly at the camera with the hint of a smile on her face. This image is a very charming evocation of the bonds of childhood. Backmark of "Hawke, Stonehouse (Devon, UK)". In as-new condition. $22.00 SOLD
Leon Gambetta cdv by Lege CDV110-5 Studio CDV profile portrait of Léon Gambetta (1838-1882), French statesman who came to prominence after the Franco-Prussian war. He was killed in his home near Sèvres by an accidental discharge from a revolver. Superb lighting and clarity in this image. Notice the daisy in his lapel! Backmark of "G. M. Legé, Paris". Unfortunately, left border of mount is soiled with some type of residue. $25.00
Z. P. McMillen Galesburg, IL cdv CDV111-5 Studio CDV of a small boy sitting in a rattan high chair with a fan in his lap. His attention is raptly drawn to something that the photographer, or another person in the room, has probably displayed just long enough to keep him still for the "shot". There is the barest hint of a pink blush to his cheeks. Backmark of "Z. P. McMillen, Galesburg, IL". In fine, clean condition. $18.00
Lock & Whitfield cdv CDV112-5 Here is a beautiful example of the prosaic CDV portrait raised to another level by a masterful Victorian photography studio. A girl sits in profile in front of a "fireplace" with her feet crossed and holding her hat in her hands, gazing slightly downward with the hint of a smile on her lips. With its painted backdrop, the centering of the figure, the "tumble" of fabric behind the chair as a balance to the composition, and the air of quiet reverie, this image brings to mind the type of art photography being done at the time by Henry Peach Robinson and others. Backmark of "Lock & Whitfield, London & Brighton". Written on verso in black ink is; "Emily / February 26th, 1866". Some rubbing to bottom edge of mount recto. Else, near fine. Truly special. $45.00
Albany Capitol Building CDV CDV231-5 CDV photo of an illustration of the new Capitol building at Albany, NY. The plans are credited on the verso to "Fuller, Gilman & Co"., but (Thomas) Fuller was dismissed in 1875, and his plan was modified over the next twenty-five years of construction. The tower was never built. Photo circa 1870. Backmark of "Haines & Elliot", Albany, NY". In fine, clean condition. $40.00
William Shew cdv of a woman CDV114-5 Beautifully vignetted studio portrait of a dark eyed, dark haired young woman with the slighest of smiles hovering on her face. Backmark of "William Shew, San Francisco". In exceptional, as-new condition. Very collectible backmark. $22.00
CDV of daguerrotype couple CDV115-5 Terrific CDV photo of an existing daguerrotype portrait in mat and preserver. Though the couple are posed traditionally side by side, it is unusual that the man has his arm around the woman's shoulder. Backmark of "P. W. Taft, Bellows Falls, VT". In fine, clean condition. Scarce. $30.00
Group of 5 Boys cdv CDV116-5 Intriguing and unusual studio CDV of five boys gathered around a small table, on which rests a large, unfolded diagram of some sort. No backmark, but the positioning of the group indicates this image was taken by a highly skilled studio. Notice how all the boys are trying very hard to look as grown up as possible with their various "adult" poses, and the way that four of them look forthrightly into the camera. Notice also, the highlights in the furniture from the skylight overhead. Bottom edge of mount trimmed, with a tiny piece of image missing from upper left corner. Else, clean with fine contrast. $40.00
Post mortem of baby cdv CDV117-5 CDV post mortem of a baby. Backmark of "Buttorf, York, PA". Fine, clean condition. $45.00
Bearded man in drag cdv CDV118-5 Studio CDV of a "bearded lady". There's no doubt that this is a man posing as a bearded lady. It's obvious that he has a hairpiece hanging down the back of his head, in addition to his preposterously over-stuffed "bosom"! Backmark of "L. K. Oldroyd, Mt. Vernon, OH". Some soiling to image surface, but not affecting subject. Upper corners of mount clipped. Scarce and very collectible. $95.00 SOLD
CDV of sistersCDV of sisters CDV119-5 Here is an absolutely charming and very scarce pair of "matching" studio CDV's. The subjects are, without question, two sisters dressed, coiffed and accessorized identically. In the first image they pose holding hands in a "window" surrounded by vines. The second image is a full length portrait of them in their elaborate dresses. Backmark on both of "J. Wolf, Brooklyn". Light, scattered soiling to both images. Else, clean with lovely toning. Amazing to contemplate that they've stayed together for the better part of 125 years. $45.00, the pair. SOLD
Arline Stanley & Violet Elwood CDV CDV229-5 Scarce studio CDV portrait of burlesque and variety actresses Arline Stanley and Violet Elwood. No backmark. Lower left corner of mount chipped. Else, in fine condition with excellent contrast. $35.00 SOLD
Young boy by Lawrence of Worcester cdv CDV121-5 This is a great studio CDV. A blonde haired, nice-looking boy strikes a very mature pose against a bare wall, one hand inserted into the jacket of what appears to be a new suit, while the other hand holds his straw hat. I love the gentle "sweep" that one of the headrest's legs makes behind the boy. Backmark of "Lawrence, Worcester, MA". With a slightly torn, pen cancelled green, three cent telegraph tax stamp affixed to verso. Some light soiling to verso. Else, in fine, bright condition. $15.00
Miss Emile A. Hoyt, Little Person cdv CDV122-5 Very rare CDV of the "Queen of Liliputians" (sic) Miss Emile A. Hoyt at 20 years of age, as exhibited at Burnell's Museum, Pittsburgh. Studio mark of "G. S. Hough, Pittsburgh, PA". Top corners of mount clipped. Some light soiling to upper part of image, not affecting subject. $95.00 SOLD
Occupational cdv of a House Girl CDV123-5 Occupational CDV of a young house girl or maid. Backmark of "Louis Nagel, Hoboken, NJ". Very light, scattered foxing to upper part of image. Else, near fine condition. $25.00
Dolly the Clown CDV CDV227-5 Studio CDV portrait of male circus rider Dolly Varden Carroll. According to his entry in William L. Slout's "Olympians of the Sawdust Circle", Carroll may have dressed as a little girl in a carrying act, hence the name Dolly. No backmark. In fine condition. Very scarce. $50.00
Portrait of Martha Hummer cdv CDV125-5 Striking studio CDV portrait of an identified elderly woman. I like the way that the sitter is looking forthrightly into the camera, and also the unusual way that she's "framed". Written on the verso is; "Martha Hummer" with additional writing that I can't quite make out. Backmark of "E. Schuler, Alexandria, VA". In near fine, clean condition. $18.00

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