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Loulie & Laura Diehl twins CDV CDV126-6 If you collect CDV's of twins, it doesn't get much better than this one of two identified girls. There's something a little odd, and yet at the same time very endearing, about this image. Perhaps it's the space that the photographer has created around his subjects. They seem very isolated from their surroundings, but there's no doubt as to the bond between them. They're wearing identical boots, white stockings, dresses, ribbons around their necks, and also ribbons as a "crown" in their hair. Note how each girl's free arm is not hanging by their side, but held stiffly at an angle against their skirts. On the verso of mount is written in a period hand; "Loulie A. and Laura A. Diehl / 15 yrs. Age". Studio mark of "McAdam's Gallery, Wenona, Ill". Top edge of image uneven, with some minor bumping to mount. Otherwise in fine condition, with amazing clarity and rich, sepia toning. $50.00 SOLD
Gentleman in fur skin top hat CDV CDV127-6 It's hard to say whether this is a CDV of an existing image or not. But in any case, I like this elderly gent's forthright look into the camera, his heavy coat pulled tight over his stomach and just buttoned, and his terrific fur skin top hat placed squarely on his head. The image has been trimmed into an oval and applied to the mount, framing the sitter expertly. No backmark. Very light soiling to mount, else clean and bright. $20.00
CDV by J. Baxter, Photographic Artist CDV 214-6 CDV photo of a woman standing in front of a rather grand home with numerous chimneys and a fine brick wall. Backmark of "J. Baxter, Photographic Artist (Wales?)". Soiling to mount recto, else in near fine condition. $25.00
Girl in buggy CDV CDV129-6

Charming studio CDV of a little girl all dressed up and seated in a pony cart, (minus the pony). There's a small bird painted on the front of the cart, and note the "leg" or "kickstand" that keeps the cart from toppling forward. Corners clipped, with a small closed tear to lower right. $20.00

CDV by Louis Seebohm, Dayton, OH CDV130-6 Full length studio CDV portrait of a young woman. There is an amazing painterly feel about this image. In fact, when I first saw it I had to look twice to see if it was indeed a photograph of a painting, but realized that it's only the background with it's "column" that's painted. The expert lighting and soft sepia toning rival any of the great studios of London or Paris. Backmark of "Louis Seebohm, Dayton, OH". In clean, near fine condition. $20.00 SOLD
CDV of young woman, Salem, MA CDV384-6 Studio CDV portrait of a young woman posing before a painted wooded backdrop, holding her bonnet and gloves in hand. Her coat shows particularly well in this image. Backmark of "Moulton's Gallery, Salem, MA". Some light soiling to mount with corners trimmed. Else, near fine condition with strong contrast. $20.00
CDV of Daguerreotype portrait CDV132-6 CDV of a daguerreotype portrait of an elderly woman. I love the way that you can see the polish marks on the plate, and the tarnish in the emulsion along the edges. Backmark of "B. Frank Saylor, Lancaster, PA". In as-new condition. $18.00
CDV view of Neuchatel by Bruder Freres CDV315-6 Lovely CDV view of the city of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Note the vineyard behind the stone wall in the foreground. Studio and backmarks of "Bruder Freres, Neuchâtel". Some evidence of glue seepage to upper right corner. Else in clean, near fine condtion with good toning. $25.00
CDV portrait of Elias Eshleman CDV134-6 "19 years old today Wednesday, May 5th, 1880". That's what's written on the back of this CDV of a young Elias Eshleman of Lancaster County, PA. The oval portrait is slightly raised off the background which is akin to a simulated tortise shell, and the tinting and finish give the whole a look of a photograph printed on ceramic. Very nicely done. Backmark of "Cummings, Lancaster, PA". In fine condition. $16.00
Young brother & Sister CDV CDV135-6 Studio CDV portrait of a young brother and sister. The boy look's a little leery, but maybe he's just trying his hardest not to move. Backmark of "Bowman's New Gallery, Ottawa, IL". Touch of soiling to mount, else this image is in fine condition with terrific clarity and detail. $15.00
CDV by LaForest, Sebenico CDV 228-6 Full length studio portrait of a Croatian man. Backmark of "Francesco LaForest, Sebenico (Sibenik)". Written on the recto of mount in pencil is "Makarska". As this is another small city in present-day Croatia, it's likely the photographer traveled, as there is a very temporary feel to the props and backdrop. In near fine condition with a scarce subject and backmark. $32.00 SOLD
CDV by Steiger's, New Haven CDV268-6 Charming studio CDV portrait of two very endearing dark haired girls in matching outfits. Backmark of "I. G. Steiger's, New Haven, CT". Some light soiling to periphery. Else in near fine condition with stong contrast. $20.00 SOLD
Girl with doll CDV CDV138-6 Very endearing CDV portrait of a young girl and her most cherished possession. The doll gets to sit, while the girl poses next to the chair in a wonderful dress with a Greek key motif on the hem. No backmark. Mount corners trimmed with some loss of toning to image. $22.00
Mother with baby CDV by Griffing, Jersey City CDV139-6 Charming and very well balanced studio CDV of a proud mother and her baby in a voluminous, white gown. The photographer has added a real splash of pink tinting to the bow on the baby's shoulder, and there's the barest hint to it's cheeks.The mother has a butterfly pin attached to her hair. Backmark of "L.S. Griffing, Jersey City, NJ". In near fine condition. $16.00
CDV of Fran Materna by Luckhardt, Wien CDV230-6 Studio CDV of famed 19th century soprano Amalie Materna, 1844-1918, posing in costume as Fides in Meyerbeer's opera "Le Prophète". Mount has studio and backmark of "Fritz Luckhardt, Wien". In addtion, the image is blind stamped "A. F. Czihak, Wien" who was working at the time in Professor Luckhardt's atelier. Some light, scattered marks to image. Else, in near fine condition. $35.00 SOLD
Three girls CDV copy of daguerreotype CDV141-6 Wonderful CDV of an existing daguerreotype. Three girls (probably sisters) stand according to height, dressed in summery white dresses and wearing fingerless lace gloves. The eldest girl holds a straw hat with elaborate ribbons. If you look closely you can notice, running along the very top of the image, the edge of the daguerreotype plate. No backmark. Minor soiling to mount. $20.00
Tinted CDV by R. Dighton, Cheltenham CDV327-6 Studio portrait CDV of a mother and child. All the exposed skin, the hair, the lips and eyes, have been delicately tinted. Backmark of "R. Dighton, Cheltenham (UK)". In fine, clean condition. $18.00
Young girl with open book CDV CDV143-6 Why are some images so much more compelling than others? I love this one of a young girl posing in a photographer's studio with her hand resting on an open book. There's a real winsome (and very adult) quality about her in her ruffled dress and boots. Note the lovely table and the way the photographer has draped fabric behind his subject. No backmark. In fine, clean condition. $18.00
CDV by Brading & Coy, Isle of Wight CDV212-6 Superb and very unusual outdoor CDV portrait of a woman standing before a large and imposing door, holding a ledger book in one hand, and with two keys suspended from chains, prominently displayed on the front of her skirt. It's possible that she's a housekeeper, but is has been (intriguingly) suggested to me that she could very well be a wardress at Parkhurst Prison, located on the Isle of Wight since 1805. Studio and backmark of "Brading & Co., Newport, Isle of Wight". In absolutely fine, as-new condition, with a particularly decorative backmark. $95.00
Boy on rocking horse CDV CDV145-6 Truly wonderful studio CDV of an identified blonde haired boy posing on a bow-style rocking horse. This image has it all. The boy's expression, his charming outfit, his booted foot resting in the stirrup, and the white horse with it's mane and tail attached to beautiful glossy, painted rockers. Written on verso in pencil in a period hand is; "Daniel (-?) Smith". Backmark of "H. W. Immke, Princeton, IL". In fine, unmarked condition. $65.00
CDV of Lizzie Hammond by Robinson Bros., Haverhill, MA CDV269-6 Full length studio CDV portrait of a well-dressed woman reading a letter. Written on verso of mount in ink in a period hand is; "Lizzie Hammond / 1866". Backmark of "Robinson Bros., Haverhill, MA". In near fine, clean condition. $23.00
Henry Ward Beecher CDV by Brady/Anthony CDV147-6 Studio CDV portrait of the Reverend Henry Ward Beecher (1813-1887), noted early social reformer, abolitionist, and brother of author Harriet Beecher Stowe. He's looking quite relaxed in this particular portrait, with both his arm and his hat resting on the table next to him. Backmark of "E. Anthony, NY, from a Brady Negative". Corners trimmed. $50.00
Schoonmaker & Burgess CDV Schoonmaker & Burgess CDV CDV148-6 I've included this pair of portraits of an elderly couple primarily for those who collect CDV's for their unusual and/or scarce studio marks. This one is charming. Stamped below the image on the mount recto is a red oval encasing a "smiling" sun. Included in the mark is the studio name; "Schoonmaker & Burgess, Troy, NY", and their street address. No additional backmarks. Both images and mounts as-new. $18.00
CDV by G.Drabble, Portland, England CDV211-6 Here's a terrific CDV of three English officers. Though I may be wrong, I believe that they're Naval officers, as the photographer who took this image was from Portland, a town off the southern coast of England that had a naval presence. It's rare to see a pose set up outdoors like this. The photographer has unrolled his backdrop against a stone wall, laid a carpet down and brought along a chair for one of the men to sit on. Note the sunlight on the carpet. Backmark of "Mr. G. Drabble (Portland, England)". In fine, clean condition. Very scarce. $75.00 SOLD
Family Portrait CDV by Webster & Popkins, Hartford CDV150-6 Endearing group portrait of a young (and most likely, growing!) family posed in a studio setting. Backmark of "Webster & Popkins, Hartford, CT". Some loss of toning to periphery of image. Else clean, bright and unmarked. $22.00

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