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CDV portrait of a girl from J. W. Moser, Smyrna, DE studio CDV361-7 Full length studio CDV portrait of a girl. There's beautiful lighting and balance in this image. Backmark of "J. W. Moser, Smyrna, DE". Touch of soiling to mount. Else, fine and clean condition with great toning. $18.00
Actress Madeline Henriques CDV CDV152-7 Studio CDV portrait of the beautiful, raven-haired American actress Madeline Henriques (1841-1929), showing a scandalous amount of bare shoulder! There are a number of CDV images of Miss Henriques from this era, including others from this very studio, but none showing her in such a state of "déshabillé". Most likely she was posing "in character". Note her beautiful, glossy hair. Backmark of "Fredricks & Co., NY". Some uneven trimming to edge of image with very light soiling to mount. Else in fine condition with great contrast. $60.00 SOLD
Brady CDV of the US Capitol Building CDV153-7 Brady studio CDV of the east front of the US Capitol building. Under magnification you can see that those dark spots are people sitting on the sea of white steps. Backmark of "Brady & Co., 352 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC". Tiny piece of top left corner missing, with a slight crease to upper right mount. Else very nice and clean. $55.00
Vigneted portrait of a man CDV Vigneted portrait of a woman CDV CDV328-7 Interesting pair of vignetted portraits of a middle-aged man and woman. These are not "life images", but are photographs of existing pencil (?) portraits of the couple and applied to cdv mounts. Though there are no backmarks, they are presumably British. In absolutely fine and as-new condition. $20.00.
Window & Grove Studio, London cdv CDV407-7 Studio portrait CDV of a handsome, young, commissioned officer in the British army. Studio mark of "Window & Grove, London." Slight loss to toning. Else, clean and unmarked. $22.00
J. Geiser, Alger, cdv CDV412-7 Studio cdv portrait of a western man (tourist?) in Arab costume. On the verso, written in ink in a contemporary hand is a notation referencing Rome, the date of 1872, and possibly the initials of the subject. Front and backmark of "J. Geiser, Alger". This very possibly alludes to Jean-Theophile Geiser, 1848-1923, although there was another "J. Geiser" working in Alger for a time at this address. For an excellently researched account of this firm's lengthy (and convoluted) history see the appropriate entry in Ken Jacobson's "Odalisques & Arabesques: Orientalist Photography 1839-1925", published by Bernard Quaritch, London, 2007. In fine, clean condition. Very special. $55.00
Actress Charlotte Cushman CDV by Silsbee, Case & Co. CDV 157-7 Particularly fine, full length studio CDV portrait of a very elegantly dressed Charlotte Cushman (1816-1876), American actress. Admired as one of the greatest actresses of her time, she spent her life openly involved in relationships with other women. Backmark of "Silsbee, Case & Co., Boston". Touch of scattered soiling to top edge of image and mount recto. Else clean and bright with superb contrast. $65.00 SOLD
CDV W. Curry Bolton, UK CDV 398-7 Charming cdv portrait of two young sisters dressed identically. Backmark of "W. Curry, Bolton (UK)". In fine, clean condition. $20.00
carte de visite of Swiss waterfall by William England. CDV244-7 CDV of the "Cascade du Pissevache" in Switzerland. Backmark of "W(illiam) England". In fine, clean condition. $18.00

CDV from F. W. Kuhlmann, Bueckeberg studio CDV from F. W. Kuhlmann, Bueckeburg studio F. W. Kuhlmann cdv F. W. Kuhlmann cdv

F. W. Kuhlmann cdv F. W. Kuhlmann cdvF. W. Kuhlmann studio, Bueckeburg, GermanyF. W. Kuhlmann studio, Bueckeburg, Germany cdvCDV161 thru 168-7

Collection of eight tinted studio CDV's. Seven depict young women in various poses with various props such as a spinning wheel, milk can, etc. The eighth image is of a wedding couple. All of them show the subjects wearing the traditional folk costumes of the "Weserbergland", Germany. The coloring on each example, in particular the wedding couple, is so fine and intricate that they transcend the mere "tinted CDV" description and become miniature works of folk art. All from the same studio, although only one has the mark of "F. W. Kuhlmann, B├╝ckeburg (Germany)". Touch of soiling to some mount rectos, else all in fine clean condition with still vibrant color. $100.00, the collection.

Goettingen Bahnhof CDV by Gerhard Steuber CDV368-7 CDV of the "Bahnhof" in Göttingen, Germany. This is a very scarce image of the railroad station in this famous university city, and unusual in that it shows the rear of the station with it's multiple tracks and various railroad cars sitting idle on them. Opened in 1854 the building, despite slight alterations over time and bomb damage in World War II, still looks very much the same. Backmark of "Gerhard Steuber, Göttingen". Some light soiling to mount. Else, in near fine, clean condition. Very special. $45.00
CDV of the Auditorium Maximum, Goettingen University CDV369-7 CDV of the "Auditorium Maximum" at the university of Göttingen, Germany. Built between 1862 and 1865, it's still very much in use today and looks exactly the same as when this photo was taken shortly after completion. No backmark, but attributed to "Gerhard Steuber, Göttingen". In fine, clean condition. $35.00
CDV of the Alte Aula, Goettingen University by Gerhard Steuber CDV370-7 CDV of the "Alte Aula" at the university of Göttingen, Germany. Built between 1835 and 1837, part of the building once served as the "Karzer" for the university. A "Karzer" was the room designated for the detention or locking up of students for punishment, once common at German universities and secondary schools. The building still stands today on the Wilhelmsplatz and, like the "Auditorium Maximum", is still very much in use. Backmark of "Gerhard Steuber, Göttingen". Touch of soiling to mount. Else, in fine, clean condition. $35.00
CDV of Weenderstrasse, Goettingen. CDV371-7 CDV of Weenderstrasse, Göttingen, Germany. No backmark, but attributed to "Gerhard Steuber, Göttingen". Steuber's photography studio was at #47 Weenderstrasse. In fine, clean condition. $28.00 SOLD
CDV of Anatomie Buliding Goettingen Universityby Gerhard Steuber CDV372-7 Written on the verso of this CDV in pencil in a contemporary hand is the word "Anatomie". Built for the study of that subject by the University of Göttingen in the third quarter of the nineteenth century, it was destroyed in an air raid in April, 1945. Backmark of "Gerhard Steuber, Göttingen". Some loss to contrast but in fine, clean condition. $25.00 SOLD
CDV of Altes Rathaus, Goettingen by Gerhard Steuber CDV373-7 CDV of the Rathaus, Göttingen. This is now referred to as the "Altes Rathaus", and sits in the heart of the city on the Marktplatz, almost unchanged. Just behind it can be seen the towers of the St. Johannis church. Backmark of "Gerhard Steuber, Göttingen". In fine, clean condition. $28.00
CDV of the Marienkirche, Goettingen by Gerhard Steuber CDV374-7 CDV of the Marienkirche in Göttingen, Germany. I love the people standing in the street as the photographer took this picture. That small sign hanging above their heads to the right is for a tobacco shop. Backmark of "Gerhard Steuber, Göttingen". In fine, clean condition with excellent contrast and toning. Very special. $35.00 SOLD
CDV of Goethe-Allee, Goettingen Germany with Gebhards Hotel CDV375-7 Written on the verso of this CDV in pencil in a contemporary hand is the word "Allee". This photo was taken at the spot where the Goethe-Allee and the present day Berlinerstrasse meet in Göttingen, on the parkland created when the old city walls were torn down. This photograph is looking east, down the Goethe-Allee. On the left can be seen the sign for "Gebhards Hotel". Amazingly, this hotel is still in business today, both the building and the sign, unchanged. No backmark, but attributed to "Gerhard Steuber, Göttingen". In fine, clean condition. Very special. $45.00 SOLD
CDV of the Englischer Garten, Goettingen by Gerhard Steuber CDV376-7 CDV of the Englischer Garten, Göttingen. This is a photograph of an illustration showing a park with a waterfall, tents selling beer and wine, and crowds of people socializing amidst the trees and at tables. Backmark of "Gerhard Steuber, Göttingen". In fine, clean condition. $25.00
CDV of the Johanniskirche in Goettingen by Gerhard Steuber CDV377-7 CDV of the Johanniskirche in Göttingen. Backmark of "Gerhard Steuber, Göttingen". In fine, clean condition. $25.00
CDV from Skeolan Photographers, Cheltenham (UK) CDV347-7 Studio CDV of a couple. Backmark of "Skeolan Photographer, Cheltenham (UK)." In fine, clean condition. $18.00
Man in Mason's uniform by Vandyke & Brown, Liverpool CDV223-7 Terrific studio CDV portrait of a man posing in full Masonic regalia. Studio mark of "Vandyke & Brown, Liverpool". In fine, as-new condition. $25.00
CDV by W. L. Parry, Hungerford, Berks. CDV by J. Hawke, Plymouth, UK CDV339-7 Pair of studio CDV portraits of the same young woman (in one she's holding a fan and in the other she's reading) from seperate photographic establishments. Backmark of first image is '"W. L. Parry, Hungerford (Berkshire)" with studio and backmark of second image being "J. Hawke, Plymouth". Both CDV's in fine, clean condition. $18.00, the pair.
Lord Elcho by William Lake Price CDV CDV175-7 Full length studio portrait CDV of Lord Elcho (Francis Charteris, 10th Earl of Wemyss, 1818-1914), wearing the uniform of the London Scottish Regiment, of which he was commander. Backmark of "The London Stereoscopic and Photographic Co.", but photo credited on mount recto to Lake Price. William Lake Price (1810-1896) was a true proponent and practitioner of the "photographer as artist" movement in Victorian England. There are any number of standard CDV images of Lord Elcho, but here the subject is relaxed and pensive, his sword cradled in his arm, and his gaze directed away from the viewer as he stands amidst scattered rocks and vegetation, in front of a dramatic painted backdrop of mountain crags and a turbulent, cloud-filled sky. It took someone such as Lake Price to take the standard CDV image and make it into something so special. Some light wear to mount with a few scattered marks to image (which I believe are in the negative). Very scarce. $95.00 SOLD
Prescott & Gage CDV CDV176-7 Charming studio CDV of a boy standing between a twig chair and gate. What a great outfit he's wearing! And note his hat with the button on the top and ribbon, resting on the chair. Studio mark of "Prescott & Gage, Hartford, Conn". With a hand cancelled orange two-cent "bankcheck" tax stamp affixed to verso. Fine condition. $18.00
CDV portrait of a woman from studio of H. Fiche, Altona (Hamburg) CDV362-7 Studio CDV portrait of a woman. Scarce backmark of "H. Fiche, Altona (now Hamburg) Germany". Some scattered soiling to mount and image. Else near fine condition with good strong contrast. $22.00 SOLD
Two girls with cat CDV CDV178-7 Very endearing CDV of two indentified dark-eyed sisters posing in a photographer's studio. The younger one in the chair is clutching a cat in her arms. Written in ink on verso in a period hand is; "Lela and Minnie Diehl / 8 years-5 years". No backmark. Near fine condition. $22.00
British CDV of young woman with great studio props CDV233-7

Full length studio CDV of a young woman culled from an English album. I love the various studio props. The painted backdrop hanging to the right, the glossy chair, the curtain, and the column on which sits a china basket of flowers and a pair of binoculars. No backmark. In fine, clean condition with excellent tones. $20.00

CDV portrait of a boy from Nelson & Marshall Studio, Dublin CDV 348-7 Studio CDV portrait of a boy. This is a beautifully arranged and centered portrait of a boy, on the cusp of young manhood, in a relaxed and pensive pose with his eyes gazing into the distance. Studio and backmark of "Nelson & Marshall, Dublin". In fine, clean condition. $18.00
Westminster Abbey CDV CDV181-7 CDV of Westminster Abbey, London. Backmark of "Fred Jones, Oxford Street, London". In fine condition. $15.00
Cheltenham CDV by Francis Bedford CDV182-7 CDV of the College Chapel, Cheltenham. Built in 1858 it is still standing, but was replaced as the College Chapel by another structure, erected in 1896. Backmark of "F. Bedford, Photographer to H. R. H. The Prince Of Wales". Though not his first Royal Commission, Francis Bedford (1816-1894) was appointed as the photographer on the tour of the Middle East by Edward, Prince of Wales in 1862, and it was after this that he was given the "Photographer To" privilege. In absolutley fine condition. $22.00
Tintern Abbey CDV CDV183-7 Beautiful CDV of the ruins of Tintern Abbey, Wales. Backmark of "J. & J. Dutton, Bath". The ivy that once covered the walls, and condsidered so romantic by the early tourists who "re-discovered" the Abbey in the 19th century, has long since been removed. Very light foxing to mount, both recto and verso. Else, fine. $15.00 SOLD
Balmoral Castle CDV CDV184-7 Superb horizontal CDV of Balmoral Castle, Scotland. I love the fellow sitting there, on an elaborate iron bench within that large expanse of lawn, enjoying the "view". Titled on mount recto; "Balmoral Castle, from the South". No backmark. In fine condition. $24.00
Tinted CDV portrait by Gorham & Co., Providence CDV329-7 I don't know whether I've ever seen tinting so expertly applied as in this vignetted studio portrait CDV of a woman. Every bit of the image has been tinted; hair, skin, bow, buttons, with the utmost refinement. It's almost more a watercolor than it is a photograph, and is the work of a true master "colorist". Backmark of "Gorham & Co., Providence". Touch of soiling to surface. Else, fine and unmarked. $25.00
CDV from Widdicome, Dartmouth Studio CDV346-7 Studio CDV of a boy posing next to a desk. It appears to me that he's wearing some sort of uniform because of the buttons on the cuff of his jacket, in addition to the badge pinned to the cap that's he's resting his left elbow on. Backmark of "Widdicombe, Photo., Dartmouth (UK)". In fine, clean condition. $18.00

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