Men on beach RPPC88 Group of men and boys on the beach. 1904-1920's. Some foxing to image. Unposted, but with patches of residue from album page stuck to verso. $10.00
House with roses RPPC89 House with climbing rose in bloom. 1905-1908. Unposted. SOLD
Doughboy RPPC90 American "Doughboy". 1918-1930. Unposted. $10.00
House RPPC91 New house. 1904-1918. Unposted. SOLD
Christmas Piece RPPC92 Group photo of eight children. Circa 1905. Written on verso in ink is; "Children in the Christmas Piece". In addition, all eight children are identified. Photo blind stamped "Searle", with address indistinct. Posted. $10.00
House RPPC117 Photo of house. 1918-1930. Unposted. $7.00
Trio at Niagara Falls RPPC118 Trio posing by the Niagara River, Niagara Falls. 1904-1918. Unposted. $10.00
Wassner Foto RPPC119 Christmas photo of brother and sister by Walter Wassner, Luebeck, Germany. Signed and dated "1933" in pencil by the photographer on recto. Written in ink on verso is; "Weihnachten 1933". $25.00
Snowbound house RPPC120 Snowbound house, New England. 1926-1940's. Unposted. $8.00
Group of men RPPC121 Group of men posing on a stony hillside. 1907-1914. Unposted. $10.00
Homestead RPPC122 Brick home with people and dog posing in front. 1904-1918. Unposted. SOLD
Young girl RPPC123 Young girl wearing a watch and locket, standing next to a table and plant. Circa 1905. Unposted. $8.00
House with tree RPPC124 House with stone wall and very large tree. 1905-1908. Unposted. $7.00
Two soldiers RPPC125 Two American soldiers posing together in a photographer's studio. 1918-1930. Unposted. $25.00
German Carnival Party RPPC126 "Karneval" party photo. Germany, possibly Cologne. Circa 1930. Unposted. $15.00
Southern Home RPPC127 Home covered with ivy. Most likely Gulf Coast states. 1904-1918. Unposted. SOLD
WW1 Sailor RPPC128 American sailor posing with rope in front of an ivy covered out building. 1918-1930. Unposted. $10.00
Cranky baby RPPC129 Elaborately dressed baby sitting in an upholstered wicker chair. 1905-1912. Unposted. $8.00
German Royalty RPPC130 Official family portrait of Crown Prince Wilhelm of Germany (son of the last Kaiser, Wilhelm II ) with his wife and six children, posing on the steps of Babelsberg Palace, Potsdam. Photo by W. Niederastroth, Potsdam. Circa 1925. Unposted. $20.00
Doughboy RPPC131 Great oval vignetted portrait of American soldier. Circa 1918. Unposted. $12.00
House Real Photo Post Card RPPC162 Large, rambling house with flower beds. 1924-1949. Unposted. SOLD
Women in Field Real Photo Post Card RPPC163 Woman sitting in a field with trees. 1904-1918. Unposted. $8.00
House with Kids Real Photo Post Card RPPC164 House with double verandahs and two children on front steps. Circa 1910. Unposted. SOLD
Classroom Real Photo Post Card RPPC165 Class photo with teacher standing near the right. 1910-1930. Unposted. $12.00
House Real Photo Post Card RPPC166 House with three people on the porch. 1907-1912. Unposted. SOLD

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