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Boyscouts Real Photo Post Card RPPC175 Boy scouts. 1904-1920's. Unposted. $25.00
Boyscouts Real Photo Post Card RPPC176 Boy scouts. 1904-1920's. Unposted. $25.00
Boyscouts Real Photo Post Card RPPC177 Boy scouts. 1904-1920's. Unposted. $25.00
Boyscouts Real Photo Post Cards RPPC178 Boy scouts. 1904-1920's. Unposted. $30.00
Men & boyscout Real Photo Post Card RPPC179 Summertime group of men and boys, with one (standing center) dressed in an early boy scout uniform. 1904-1920's. Unposted. $22.00
Camping Real Photo Post Card RPPC180 Camping scene. 1904-1920's. Unposted. $20.00
Boy in row boat Real Photo Post Card RPPC181 Boy in a row boat on a lake. 1904-1920's. Unposted. $15.00
Group of women Real Photo Post Card RPPC182 Summertime group of women posed around a tree. 1904-1920's. Unposted. $10.00
House Real Photo Post Card RPPC183 Brick house with vine covered porch. 1904-1918. Unposted. SOLD
Oval portrait Real Photo Post Card RPPC184 Horizontal oval vignetted portrait of a young man. 1904-1920's. Unposted. $10.00
Everbreeze home Real Photo Post Card RPPC185 Photo of a charming home called "Everbreeze". 1918-1930. Two abrasive patches to verso. Unposted. SOLD
Borneo Tribesmen Real Photo Post Card RPPC186 Native tribesmen from present-day Malaysia or the islands of Indonesia. 1939-1950. Unposted. $20.00
"Mamma and his Wives" Real Photo Post Card RPPC187 Photo titled "Mamma And His Wives". From present-day Malaysia, Indonesia or southern Phillipines. 1939-1950. Unposted. $20.00
House Real Photo Post Card RPPC188 Italianate house with winter trees. 1904-1920's. Unposted. $10.00
Georgian Revival home Real Photo Post Card RPPC189 Grand Georgian revival home with sweeping lawn. 1904-1920's. Unposted. SOLD
Phillipine women Real Photo Post Card RPPC190 Two young women from the Phillipines. 1920-1945. Unposted. $15.00
House & barn Real Photo Post Card RPPC191 New England house and barn with flag pole. Photo by Blood & Townsend, Peterboro, NH. Circa 1930's. Unposted. SOLD
Baby Real Photo Post Card RPPC200 Oval vignetted photo of a warmly dressed baby in a wicker carriage. With shadow of "the proud father?". 1907-1914. Unposted. $10.00
Farm aerial view Real Photo Post Card RPPC201 Aerial view of a farmstead. Circa 1950's. Unposted. $8.00
German children Real Photo Post Card RPPC202 Charming German photo of a brother and sister dressed in Carnival costumes. Circa 1920's. Posted . $12.00
"Houses on Parade" Real Photo Post Card RPPC203 Parade with "Houses Along the Turnpike". 1918-1930. Unposted. $12.00
Brother & Sister Real Photo Post Card RPPC204 Brother and sister. 1904-1920's. Unposted. $10.00
Allegorical Figure Real Photo Post Card RPPC205 Young woman dressed as an allegorical figure. 1904-1920's. Unposted. $12.00
Bad Wildungen Real Photo Post Card RPPC209 Group photo of people "taking the waters". Bad Wildungen, Germany. Circa 1922. Unposted. $14.00
House Real Photo Post Card RPPC210 Rambling multi-family house on a hill. Circa 1910. Unposted. SOLD

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