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They're searchable by geographic location, etc. I've dated the real photo post cards by the identifying marks in the stampbox corner or elsewhere. When there are no conclusive identifying marks, I've dated them with a "circa 1918"; for example. I've included the actual photographer when noted, or the publisher of the photograph. Most real photo post cards are in fine or near fine condition. "Unposted" means there are no stamps or postmarks on the back of the card. However, there MIGHT be some minimal writing. "Posted" means that the postcard has actually gone through the mail. Any special condition issues on the back will be noted. If you would like a scan of the back of any card, or have any condition questions, kindly CONTACT ME. I'll be happy to answer any queries or provide scans. Keep in mind, I'm continually adding new real photo post cards, so bookmark my site and check back! And if you'ld like to send me a "want list", I'm glad to accept them.

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