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TT318-3 Set of three framed thumb nail tintype portraits attached to cdv mounts. The first is a portrait of a young woman, the second and third are portraits of young men. Identified on recto of all three as from the "(Samuel T.) Field Studio, Cincinnati." Circa 1865. Minor scratching and chipping to the men's portraits. Else, clean and unmarked and quite scarce. $25.00, the set.
Half Plate Tintype of Elderly Man TT52-3 Terrific almost half plate size (5"h x 31/2"w) tintype of an elderly man sitting amidst a group of boulders at the base of a tree. In one hand he holds his walking stick and in the other his spectacles, while his hat rests next to him. Of all the varieties of Victorian men's facial hair, this man's is one of the oddest. Though his cheeks and chin are clean shaven, he definately has a beard growing down over his collar! A few minor dents, and some crackling to the emulsion at the bottom of the image. Else, in very nice condition. $75.00 SOLD
1/6 plate tintype portrait of four women 1/6 plate tintype of four women TT300-3 Pair of 1/6 plate tintypes of the same four women. In the first image they pose in day dresses. In the second image they pose in white dresses and bonnets. Perhaps they were the members of a wedding party? It's unusual to find, after so many years, a pair of matching tintypes such as these. There's some loss of toning and some dulling to the second image. Else, a very nice pair in near fine condition. $25.00, the pair.
Two women holding hands Tintype TT54-3

1/6 plate tintype of two young women wearing bathing or sports outfits, holding hands and posing in a photographer's studio. Some loss of focus to the face of the woman on the right, else a clean, bright image. $25.00

Young child Tintype TT55-3 1/16 plate tintype of a very young boy sitting in a high chair looking boldly into the camera, clutching something in his right hand. But is it a boy, or could it be a girl? Great contrast and clarity. $18.00
Esther Jackson African American Woman Tintype TT56-3 1/9 plate tintype portrait of a young African-American woman in a striped dress. Draped around her neck and over her bosom is a chain, possibly made of thermoplastic. Housed in a blind stamped cream paper sleeve, on which is written on the recto in pencil; "To Ned Owen (?) With Compliments of Esther Jackson". Backmark of "E. B. Thompson & Son., New Haven". Image in clean, near fine condition. Sleeve creased and lightly soiled. The subject, the enigmatic pose, and actual identification of the sitter combine to make this a very scarce and desirable item. $195.00
Tintype portrait of a girl TT129-3 1/9 plate tintype portrait of a girl housed in a blind stamped cream paper sleeve. There's something oddly endearing about this girl, with her simple dress, her hands dangling akwardly by her sides and that lovely faint blush of pink to her cheeks. One or two small chips to the emulison, else in near fine condition with good contrast. $18.00
1/6 tintype of young woman in hat TT134-3 This is an exceptional 1/6 plate tintype portrait of an attractive young woman (with excellent posture!) posing in a fancy hat, book in hand, in front of a painted backdrop. In fine, clean condition with fantastic tones and contrast and a glossy surface. $25.00 SOLD
Half plate tintype studio portrait of a boy TT309-3 Half plate studio portrait tintype of a boy wearing a velvet suit, striped socks and high button shoes. Some very light scattered surface marks. Else, in near fine condition. $40.00
Bridal Couple 1/6 plate Tintype TT101-3 Unevenly trimmed 1/6 plate tintype of a newlywed couple posing in a photographer's studio. But what is she wearing?! I see the hat and the veil , but it looks as if she's slipped (and belted) a white "wedding" dress over another one. Perhaps they were planning on a quick getaway. Note how new his clothes are, and the unrolled cloth that they're standing in front of. Faintest hint of pink tinting to their cheeks. Light surface wear, with (unfortunately) a few tiny marks to her face. Else, bright with great contrast. $23.00
Tintype of two couples with letter TT135-3 Excellent 1/6 plate tintype of two couples posing in a photographer's studio. I love the "tableau" of one of the women holding a letter while the other one gazes down at it, and the two men looking directly into the camera. Some minor wear to surface. Else clean with good, strong contrast. $25.00
Boy with tricycle 1/6 plate Tintype TT102-3 1/6 plate tintype of a wide-eyed young boy, with long curls under a knit cap, standing proudly next to his tricycle, in front of a painted backdrop. Some wear to surface, resulting in loss of sheen, but still in very nice condition. And what a great image! $50.00
Four Girls Tintype TT63-3 1/9 plate tintype group portrait of four girls, housed in a blind stamped cream paper sleeve. The girl in the center holds an open book in her lap, while another serious-looking girl in the forefront has a blanket draped over legs. Could this indicate that she's an invalid? No backmark. Sleeve soiled and creased, but image is in excellent condition with fine contrast. $25.00
Young Man with Conical Hat Tintype TT64-3 1/9th plate tintype portrait of a young man housed in a blind stamped (possibly trimmed) paper sleeve. This is an interesting image for a number of reasons. The way the camera is slightly below the subject pointing upwards. The trace of a smile on his face, the faintist tint of pink to his cheeks, and that point of reflected light in his right eye. Plus the conical hat planted squarley on his head. Hard to tell if that's a handkerchief tucked into a coat pocket or belt. No backmark. Touch of soiling to sleeve, and a few hairline scratches to surface. Else, bright and sharp. $23.00
Boy with bow style rocking horse Tintype TT65-3 Superb, early 1/9 plate tintype of a young boy posing next to a rocking horse, housed in a gilt-decorated paper sleeve. What a great looking little boy; with his mop of curly hair, his striped socks and high button shoes, and the barest hint of a pink tint to his chubby cheeks. The rocking horse is what's known as a "bow" style rocker, and one can see a stirrup dangling from it's body. No backmark. That diagonal line running above the boy's head is not a condition issue, but is in the emulsion, and must have occured during the making of the image. Else, in excellent condition with a lovely glossy surface. $95.00
GemTintype Portrait of Handsome Bearded Man TT66-3 Gem tintype portrait of a handsome, bearded young man. Housed in a lovely blind stamped and decorated cream paper sleeve. No backmark. Some soiling to sleeve. Else, very nice. $15.00
Tintype of Mary Steere Bachelder & Marion Steere Randall TT67-3 Trimmed 1/6 plate tintype of two young women housed in a decorated pale blue paper sleeve. Along with additional information on the verso of the sleeve, the women are identified as Marion Steere Randall (on the left) and her cousin Mary Steere Bachelder. Studio of "E. A. Holton, Boston". Tintype loose in sleeve with some very light wear to sleeve. Else, an exceptional image. Wonderfully sharp and bright, with the faintist pink tint to the cheeks. $23.00 SOLD
Tintype of two men affectionately posed. TT68-3 1/9 plate tintype of two men affectionately posed. Sitting in chairs and wearing similar hats and suits, one man has his arm wrapped tightly around his companion's shoulder. Housed in a soiled cream paper sleeve. Image has several small, dull spots in the emulsion but is otherwise very nice. Clean and unmarked. $32.00
Tintype from Wing & Allen Studio Sacramento, CA TT69-3 Interesting 1/6 plate tintype portrait of a (rather handsome) bearded man with intense blue eyes, housed in a cream paper sleeve. With the scarce studio mark of "Wing & Allen, Sacramento, CA". Sleeve trimmed along bottom corners with additional chipping. Image in fine, clean condition. $23.00
Tintype of Three Men TT70-3 I love the way that these three fellows with their different hats are really striking a pose! I like to imagine them as good buddies out having their picture taken for posterity. Narrow 1/6 plate tintype house in a gilt decorated sleeve. Sleeve soiled. Some dulling to image surface. $22.00
1/6 plate Tintype of young man TT103-3 1/6 plate tintype portrait of a young man in a photographer's studio. People wore some strange outfits back then! He's wearing a matching vest and jacket, checkered pants, thick white socks and square-toed buckle shoes. There's a faint pink tint to his cheeks, and I like the blank wall behind him. Some wear to edges of image. Else, clean and bright with excellent contrast. $15.00
Tintype of man with CDV album TT124-3 Oversized 1/6 plate tintype of a man posing with a CDV album. First, this is an excellent portrait of a bushy-bearded and very clear-eyed young man looking boldly and confidently into the camera. Second, is the great gilding job that was done to the finished photo. There's the button at his cravat, his watch chain and fob draped across his vest, a "ring" on his middle finger, and the clasp on the CDV album, all clearly highlighted. In addition, there's a faint blush of pink to his cheeks. Image has the ghost of a "frame", as it was housed in a sleeve or an album at one time. In excellent clean and sharp condition. $25.00
Tintype of Two Men TT73-3 This is what a tintype looks like when its surface is almost as-new! There's this gorgeous luminosity that looks just like an ambrotype. These two gents are seated very stiffly, with this expanse of beautiful grey space above them. Narrow 1/4 plate size housed in a pale green paper sleeve. Written on verso in pencil is; "One of these is father, J. R. Graves, I believe". Fine condition. $42.00
1/6 plate tintyoe of auto and 3 women TT127-3 1/6 plate tintype of three women posing in front of an early automobile, with the woman in the center draping her arms around the shoulders of her companions. There are some condition issues with this item. The image itself is dark, and those "highlights" that appear are actually scrapes in the emulsion. In addition, there's paper adhered to the verso of the plate, as if it was once glued into an album. Despite these issues, this is a wonderful image of feminine camaraderie. $25.00 SOLD
Two male fencers tintype TT75-3 Here's a great image. It's a 1/6 plate tintype of two young men posing together in a photographer's studio. I believe that they're fencers by the uniforms that they're wearing and the tight black gloves. But I could be mistaken. In any case, image has some light surface wear but still shows very nicely. $35.00

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