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1/6 plate Tintype portrait of couple TT104-4 Slightly over-sized 1/6 plate tintype of a couple. Note their very formal side by side pose, and the dignified way that they both look directly into the camera. Note also the great details. The crude red tinting to the edge of his sweater, the touch of white at the collars, a smudge of gold at their necks, plus a gold "band" on each hand. Image somewhat dulled, but still very nice. $25.00 SOLD
Two young girls tintype TT77-4 1/6 plate tintype studio portrait of two pretty young girls sitting on a sofa and stool. There's beautiful clarity and detail in this image with various tassles and ruffles and bows. Each girl has a touch of pink tinting to their cheeks. Very minor surface wear, else in fine condtion. $18.00
3/4 plate Tintype portrait of couple TT105-4 3/4 plate (7"h x 5"w) tintype of a young couple posing in a photography studio. There's great toning and clarity in this image, with a very faint hint of pink tinting to their cheeks, and stronger blue and pink tinting to the bow at the woman's neck. Obviously once housed behind an oval mat, it has some surface marks, in addition to a bend to the upper right corner. $32.00
Sleeved tintype portarit by Alden's, Prov. RI TT151-4 1/9 plate tintype portrait of a young man housed in a blind stamped cream paper sleeve. Beautiful clarity and grey-brown toning in this as-new image. Backmark of "A.E. Alden's, Providence, RI ". $15.00
Full plate hand painted portrait of a man. TT317-4 Full plate hand painted tintype portrait of a man. The face, and in particular the eyes, are very well done. The four corners of the plate are bent in on themselves and it's obvious that it was originally housed in an oval mat. Else, in near fine condition. $45.00
Whole plate tintype of young woman TT153-4 Terrific whole plate tintype of a cabinet card-sized portrait of a young, dark eyed woman. Note how the original image hasn't actually been nailed to the crude board wall, but how it's been positioned between the nails, and also note the shadows cast by these nails. We'll never know if this is where the image actually "hung", or if the photographer took advantage of a sunny wall and placed it there temporarily. There's a touch of gilt to her earring and brooch. In clean, near fine condition. Very special. $95.00 SOLD
Full plate hand painted tintype of a standing man. TT319-4 Full plate hand painted tintype of a bearded man posing in a photographer's studio. There are some scattered surface scratches, plus the typical edge wear to be expected in a previously-framed tintype. Else, very good condition. $50.00
Two women tintype TT83-4 Gorgeous 1/6 plate tintype portrait of two women posing in a photographer's studio. Very hard to say whether they might be related or not. The lighting in this image is particularly striking as the subjects seem almost to glow, and notice how finely detailed their dresses are. A few light surface scratches, else in fine condition. $18.00
1/4 plate tintype of three sisters TT304-4 Slightly-larger-than 1/4 plate tintype of three women posing in a studio. This is a terrific image of what I believe are three sisters, due to their strong resemblance. I love the "rustic" setting with the tree, the bench, and the rocks scattered at their feet. On the extreme edge of the plate can be seen the feet and the bottom edge of the photographer's reflective screen, which is bouncing light onto the face of the woman sitting nearest. Besides the great subject is the condition. Remarkably fine and clean with strong contrast and toning. $42.00
Portrait of woman tintype Portrait of woman tintypeTT85-4 Pair of oval tintype portraits of the same woman, each housed in a paper sleeve. Though not what one would call a beauty, she seems very confident of her fashion sense and feminine allure. But it's a wonder that she can breathe, so tightly cinched is she at both the waist and neck! One sleeve labeled on recto; "Harmany's Gallery, Lancaster, PA", the other unmarked. Sleeves soiled with bumped corners, else both images clean and sharp. $22.00, the pair.
Quarter plate tintype of couple TT314_4 Quarter plate tintype of a couple dressed in elegant winter outfits. This is an interesting image because there's been no real attempt by the photographer to "pose" the sitters. They're merely standing side by side against a backdrop and not even centered within the backdrop, but off to the side of it. Photo circa 1870. In excellent condition with strong, rich toning. $45.00
1/6 plate tintype portrait of beraded man TT122-4 1/6 plate tintype of a heavily bearded man posing in a studio. I love the painted backdrop in this image. In fine, clean condition with excellent contrast. $18.00
Portrait of Woman Tintype TT88-4 This 1/9 plate, studio portrait tintype of a lean-faced woman, just makes me think of a character right out of a Dickens novel. I like her clear gaze, her choker tied with a ribbon, and her drop earrings. Even the rather clumsily-applied tinting to her face has charm. Set into an oval blind stamped cream paper sleeve. No backmark. In as-new condition. $18.00
Lady in mourning tintype TT89-4 1/9 plate tintype portrait of a woman housed in a blind stamped cream colored paper sleeve. I believe that this could be a mourning portrait, with her all-black attire and the heavy black ribbon descending from her hat. Note the strand of pearls resting on her collar. But what is so remarkable about this tintype is it's gorgeous soft gray luminosity. It's almost as if it's on porcelain. And then there's a brush of pink tinting to her cheeks, lips and the flowers on her hat. No backmark. In fine, clean condition. $18.00
Tintype portrait of old man TT90-4 Narrow 1/6 plate tintype full length portrait of an old man leaning on his cane in a photographer's studio. With his slightly crooked stance, his sunken face and his bony hands, this fellow is the epitome of the description "gnarled". Housed in a blind stamped cream colored paper sleeve. No backmark. In near fine condition. $22.00
1/6 plate tintype of elegantly dressed young woman TT138-4 Tintype portrait of an elegantly dressed young woman posing in a hat decorated with beads and a feather, a short coat and a fur muff. I love the glossy frame of the chair behind her and the blank wall. Housed in a cream colored blind stamped CDV-sized paper sleeve. Backmark of "A. E. Alden's, Providence, RI". Exceptional contrast and toning. In fine, clean condition. $25.00
Hand painted full plate tintype TT316-4 Full plate hand colored tintype portrait of a young mother and her child. The outlining of the hands, and the delineation of the mother's fingernails are of particular interest. In addition, this is an unusually large "full plate" tintype, measuring 10"h x 8"w. There's some light wear to the edges where it was matted and/or framed at one time, but overall in fine, clean condition. Very special. $75.00 SOLD
Tinted tintype portarit of woman TT93-4 1/9 plate tintype portrait of a woman housed in a blind stamped cream colored paper sleeve. This is an excellent example of a beautifully done "product". The image itself has this lovely sepia toning and depth to it, with the barest hint of a pink tint to the cheeks, and remarkable detail. And although one might not neccessarily buy a tintype just for it's sleeve, note the quality of this one, with it's gilt ruled edges and the depth and crispness of the elaborate blind stamping. It must surely have been a very satisfying experience to enter a photographer's studio for your portrait, and leave with an end product as lovely as this. Backmark of "A. E. Alden' s, Springfield, MA". In fine condition. $15.00
Tintype of father and son TT94-4 Here's a charming, narrow-trimmed 1/6 plate tintype of a father and his very endearing young son. Note how the boy leans against his dad with his feet crossed, the slightly unfurled umbrella held by the father, and the painted "river view" backdrop with the steamer trailing smoke. Touch of surface wear, else near fine condition. $22.00
Musician posing with alto horn tintype TT95-4 Terrific narrow-trimmed 1/4 plate tintype of a musician posing with his alto horn. Not used in an orchestral setting, the alto horn was commonly used in marching and brass bands. There's the faintest blush of tinting to the man's cheeks. Very mild surface wear to image. Else, bright and clean with excellent contrast. $75.00
Tintype portrait of young woman TT130-4 1/9 plate tintype portrait of a young woman housed in a blind stamped cream paper sleeve. This is an excellent example of a common tintype. The sitter has been expertly posed by the photographer, and the image itself fits perfectly within its sleeve. In addition, there's her beautifully tailored dress and the terrific deep and clear contrast of the image itself. $15.00
1/9 plate tintype of three people TT160-4 1/9 plate tintype of a man and two women housed in a cream colored paper sleeve. There's incredibly sharp toning and contrast in this well-posed image, with the subjects clothing clearly defined. In fine, clean condition. $25.00
Tintype portrait of couple TT98-4 1/6 plate tintype of a young couple posing in front of a painted backdrop. They both look very relaxed, most likely stepping into the studio on a rainy day, as they both have umbrellas. Lower left corner clipped with some very light surface wear. Else, bright and clean with strong contrast. $18.00
1/9 plate tintype portarit of a man 1/6 plate tintype portarit of a man TT191-4 Narrow trimmed 1/6 plate tintype housed in a decorated paper sleeve and a 1/6 plate tintype. Both images are of the same man posing in the same studio as can be determined by the chair and the rug. He wears the same vest in both images but otherwise his outfits are different. On the verso of the sleeved image is a rhyming advertisement for the studio of "Byron Reed, Kokomo (IN)". Both images in good clean condition with just a touch of wear. $40.00, the pair.
Gem tintype of man in hat TT136-4 I particularly like this gem sized tintype of a handsome, dark-eyed young fellow with his hat tipped back. In a brass frame and mounted to a CDV-sized card. Fine condition. $15.00

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